Monday, 7 June 2010

Injury update

Well there is more movement out of my left arm, my right is about the same as before, but my arms are aching a lot, I get the occasional shooting pain when doing the simplest of tasks, last week was cleaning the inside of my coffee mug with a sponge I made a circular motion and a pain shot up my right arm. Joby insert joke here

Was due to see the consultant at the fracture clinic on Monday the 14th June Mayday Hospital but got a letter Friday stating my appointment had to be cancelled and has been changed to Monday 5th July which is a right pain in the, well elbows.

Regular visitors to The moonwalking Bear blog will have noticed, well maybe noticed that I wasn't around last week this was due to lack of access to a pc but

Like Arnie

I am back


  1. Bloody Hell I was afraid your arms had fallen off or something. Great to have you back posting again Lez.

  2. Thanx Adrian good to be back mate

  3. You need some terminator style cyborg arms!

  4. I thought we had offended you!!!

    Its good to see you are back....

  5. Toby : Ure spot on Toby I think that is the answer matey

    John: Thanks John Its good to be back

  6. wanker?
    pulling the pud?
    choking the chain?
    yanking the stair master?
    stroking the beacon?

  7. Joby thank you for your kind words mate lol

  8. LTMWB is back!

    And a bloody good job too...

  9. Thanks Clive at least your a gent mate