Tuesday, 25 May 2010

BLUR OUT 28/05/10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 OUT 02/07/10

Blur out this Friday its like a cross between Wipeout HD and Burnout Paradise

Metacritic ratings

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 out 2nd July with the new Ryder Cup Mode

Also new up to twelve v twelve online play

This is a LTMWB Production

Cycle Lanes

I don't know what its like in your part of the world but where I live cycle lanes are well, crap. They are full of humps hollows and pot holes found this video on YouTube of how I believe a cycle lane should be, but has the other pictures show,cycle lanes are only as good as long as motorist don't use them for parking in or driving in. Taxi Driver video is a Jobys Bike production

Check out the NYPD picture so until attitudes change from planners and inconsiderate motorist alike we have put up with it or move to Holland, read coastrider blog entry on his trip to Holland here This is how it should be

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot Sunday Meal and Theatre

Sunday me the Wife and our daughter Erin met up with the wife's Sister to celebrate Erin's 24th Birthday.

We went up the west end to have a meal and go to the theatre afterwards.

Was roasting hot in London like it was in most parts. But that didn't stop some dickhead in a car trying to kill me, he was turning round and wouldn't wait for me to cross, so I gave him a volley of abuse and for once the wife didn't kick off over my very colourful language

Went to bertorelli restaurant This Italian Restaurant if I am being totally honest food was OK but I thought the service wasn't the best, would I go back there probably not but maybe that is me.

With our bellies filled of to the Savoy Theatre to see Legally Blond Erin has been wanting to go to see this for awhile, so it came has a nice surprise for her, she really enjoyed it which is all that matters,the reason I say that is musicals are not my thing, but a good day was had by all. would I recommend this hard to say if your taste is singing with American accents and some funny one liners thrown in you could enjoy it, In my opinion the first half was pretty slow and boring, the second half was much livelier and certainly not boring. You pays your money and makes your choice.

Maybe these reviews will help

Guardian review

Telegraph review

BBC review

This is a LTMWB Production

Friday, 21 May 2010

Blog Name

Decided to add to my Blog name because the tosser that caused my injuries obviously never ever watched this video. Credit to Phill for the idea

Credit to Toby for posting the video in his excellent Blog

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trip to Croydon and thank you

Got up at eight this morning, got showered and dressed to go to Croydon, walked accross Mitcham Common then walked the way I would normally cycle to work, to catch the tram from Therapia Lane into croydon.I ate a fried Breakfast naghtyI know,bought some food, and purchased on Blu-ray sex & drugs & rock & roll starring Andy Serkis as Ian Drury

Got the Bus home managed to get in the single disabled seat, so no chance anyone would bang my elbows.

I would also like to thank everyone for there kind comments yesterday it helps a lot when I am feeling sorry for myself.

Also a special thanks toToby for sending me the DVD much appreciated mate.

Lance Armstong doping allegations

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Its been a while

I haven't posted anything on here lately apart from football stuff, lately all I seem to be doing is going on Facebook and Twitter if like me your bored feel free to add or follow me but a word of warning most of the stuff on these is football related.

I have also been reading and commenting on









Me thinks I need to get to out more, but in saying that these Blogs are definitely worth a look,apologies to anyone I may have missed

I have also been watching Eurosports coverage of cycling of

Giro d'italia

Tour DE California

I am enjoying watching but it is making me twitchy to get back on my bike, which won't be for a while I know. The length of recovery time is beginning to get me down a bit. My elbows seem to be more sore in the morning when I get up, the movement is about the same, I get the occasional shooting pain like its caught somewhere but it only lasts maybe a second or two . I just want to get back cycling quickly, I have thought a couple of times about just cycling a short distance round the block,but I know deep down I could do more damage to myself, which obviously means longer to fully recover.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Friday, 14 May 2010

Busy Busy weekend

Got the FA Cup Final Saturday at Wembley Stadium
Chelsea v Portsmouth KO 3PM

Then on Sunday got the victory parade which will either be to celebrate Chelsea winning the premier league, or from my point of view hoping to celebrate doing the domestic double the first time in Chelsea's 105 History this won't be easy a lot of people think that we only have to turn up, but football isn't like that form goes out of the window,Portsmouth would like to have something to celebrate after the torrid season they have had.

After a high sometimes downs follows must read book

After last weekend's Euphoria suppose it was bound to happen these last few days have been feeling a bit down I think what started it was, thinking about Bikeathon then wondering would I be able to take part because of my arms, they seem to be taking an eternity to heal I know its only three weeks, but have been so looking forward to taking part in this ride, suppose will have to wait and see, I am really hoping that I will be OK there is another six weeks to go but will be well gutted if I can't take part.

Went into Croydon to W H Smiths to pick up The Man Who Cycled The World I purchased it online £5.59 but arranged to have it delivered to my localW H Smiths at no extra cost, I have just started reading it, I am not a big reader but it reminds of another book I read which was called Call of The Wild this book is an excellent read this another Scott who decides he wants to experience what life would be like to live in the wilds of Alaska, definitely worth looking out for.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

You ask, they answer: Sustrans | Environment | guardian.co.uk

You ask, they answer: Sustrans | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Cyclist critical after being hit by police car driving to shooting | News

Cyclist critical after being hit by police car driving to shooting | News

Family of cyclist in police car collision calls for witnesses | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Family of cyclist in police car collision calls for witnesses | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Back to normal well till the weekend

I woke up this morning knowing I had to take a trip to Tesco's Local, while I was sitting in the small room I had a passing thought, that as it is only a mile or so there and obviously the same back, maybe I could cycle there on my Mountain Bike but to be honest the more I thought about it, began to realise it would be stupid especially hitting humps and hollows which my Elbows would feel everyone of them, so I walked there and back.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Stamford Bridge here we come

I am off to Stamford Bridge today for the last game of the Premier League season Chelsea v Wigan 4pm KO
if we win today we will be crowned Premier League Champions.
Premier League Finale

Injury update even though I am going to football today my arms are still aching, occasionally it feels like it is catching somewhere and I get a shooting pain but it will take time I know have to be patient

Friday, 7 May 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

Got up about 8 today I decided today was the day to weigh myself, I set the scales ready to see how much weight I have put on since no cycling and eating loads of crap. Well I must say I was shocked my weight was

11 stone 4 Pounds or in "new money"

72.1 Kilo's
Pleasantly surprised

I had been about 11 stone a little while ago but my weight went up to 11st 7lbs but had managed to get it back down. When I left Royal Mail back in August 2007 I weighed nearly 13 Stone, but it took a blood test, scare of a threat of Diabetes to change my eating habits, but of late since the accident old habits have come back and bitten me on the Arse.

Had oats so simple for Breakfast normally have porridge but can't at the moment because you have to keep stirring it so that is a no no at the moment.

Got the bus to Croydon, went into the Barbers to have my barnet cut hooray am happy about that.

I went to meet Tammi for lunch, We both had chicken and Mushroom risotto it was lovely, we ate here the food is always nice, as some of you are aware Tammi is my eldest Daughter from a previous relationship if you haven't read the blog entry how we were reunited the link is here spent a nice couple of hours with her.

Had really good day, here is the proof that my barnet is back to normal well my normal.I think I almost look Human now maybe that is stretching a point.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

ForGoodnessShakes - Revolutionary Offer

ForGoodnessShakes - Revolutionary Offer

Worth a look

My trip to Aldi via the Polling Station and a Rant

Got up this morning just after 8, had some toast got showered and dressed ready for my trip to Aldi.

My first port of call was the Polling Station now whatever you think about politicians I am sure you have all got your own opinions, but I do believe that everyone should go and register there vote even if you only write across the ballot paper its all bollocks.

I had planned to walk from the Polling Station to Thornton Heath Pond (THP) A distance probably about two miles I guess but as I walked up the road I saw a bus so the laziness in me took over so I took the bus to THP, to catch a bus to Selsdon for my nearest branch of Aldi I purchased

Cycle Mitts,

Sports Glasses,

Ultra light Cycling Jacket

I got the bus back to THP but this time there was no laziness and I walked the two miles or so home.

I saw four different cyclist this morning who were basically kitted out well Helmet included but each one of them in there own way seemed to be taking there lives in there hands

First a man on a full suspension Mountain bike cycled straight of the pavement between a van and a car straight onto the road without a care in the world

Second a woman with ipod on cycled straight out onto a roundabout without looking

Third a woman cycled straight through a red light where there was quite a few pedestrians crossing like it is OK to do that

Fourth a man cycled straight of the pavement without appearing to look straight across to the road opposite

Now whether I noticed this because I am jealous of them on there Bikes or because I am thinking look what happened to me through no fault of my own and they got away with it cycling like idiots. Anyway rant over.

Have decided will weigh myself in the morning, now there's a scary thought

Me Kitted out don't know about the legs lol,barnet definitely needs cutting badly, look no slings but still need them though.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

FA Youth Cup Final Chelsea v Aston Villa

Chelsea win the FA Youth Cup Final 3-2 on aggregate

These Videos were shot on a Sanyo Xacti HD

Just for you Clive

Injuries Update

Am getting more movement out of my arms but yesterday my right Elbow was aching quite a lot, I think this might be because the night before spent a lot of time on computer on facebook and blog reading that will teach me. Hands are not aching as much bruise on my knee has turned yellow but has nearly gone.

Still eating to much crap am afraid that when I weigh myself I am in for a nasty shock, maybe that is the kick up the arse I need. Think I will do that one morning this week.

I am going football tonight to watch Chelsea v Aston Villa FA Youth Cup Final second Leg KO 7.45 Preview I know that Clive who is a big rugby man will be wanting a Chelsea victory even though he doesn't give a toss for football. Will be going for something to eat before the game with my wife and my mate Billy so more massive calorific intake

Thanks to KungFooSausage will be making a trip to aldi on Thursday
Aldi offers

Finally check out this awesome video on Biking The Bay

Saturday, 1 May 2010

IMB - Issue 5 - Free Online Mountain Bike Magazine

IMB - Issue 5 - Free Online Mountain Bike Magazine

Credit goes to KungFooSausage for finding this free online Mountain biking magazine Defo worth a look

Travelled to the Dark Side and ate to much

Got up early today about 8, had some toast and jam for breakfast,managed a shave but still no haircut, got showered partly dried me self, got dressed. Before my journey to the dark side.

Walked across Mitcham Common to Beddington Lane Tram stop Tramlink Tram to Morden Road, which is about a fifteen minute walk to Morden Station, where I got the Underground to Camden Town ( North London Dark Side) well it is to me born and bred in south London.

I met my sister in law there we had a walk round Camden Town for a while, but because Camden Lock is nearby it is a mecca for visitors and tourist's alike so busy busy busy.

We then decided to go for something to eat we chose STRADA I had Garlic Bread, Butternut Squash Risotto and for desert I had an oozing Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

We left the restaurant walked up to Kentish town had a look round the shops, bid farewell to my sister in law jumped on the Underground to Wimbledon where I got the Tram back to Beddington Lane another walk over mitcham Common to home.

Am hoping all the walking I did today will account for my calorific intake, at the moment eating so much crap and with no cycling am hoping my weight doesn't go through the roof, we will see.

The journey there and back was ok managed to survive withut anyone banging into my Elbows.