Tuesday, 4 May 2010

FA Youth Cup Final Chelsea v Aston Villa

Chelsea win the FA Youth Cup Final 3-2 on aggregate

These Videos were shot on a Sanyo Xacti HD

Just for you Clive


  1. As a lad born and bred in Bordesley Green (just round the corner from St Andrews) it warms my heart to see the twats losing!

    I know I don't follow soccer in any shape or form but some things run deep...

  2. Tell me bout it Clive I knew you would enjoy it mate

  3. I dont understand.....where's the bikes?...

    Unless it has wheels or involves water, cooking or computers I dont understand it...

    This is probably just one of those comments that would be better ignored but just proves I am reading the blog :-)

  4. Thanx for the comments John, U forgot to say great long rides as well mate.

    The Bikes are very lonely in the shed at the mo am missing them

  5. Your bikes want to live with me from now on. They told me so in a dream I had.

  6. Adrian NOOOOOOO that aint happening mate sorry didn't mean to shout lol

  7. My boy will be at the Bridge a week on Monday. his school team's in the schools final for Year 7's. He's not on the team, just supporting. He's pretty excited!