Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How Facebook has Enriched my life

It all started way back in January 1970 me and my mates were out and we met three girls, the upshot of this was I went out with one of these Girls, This was my first serious relationship.

After a while she fell pregnant then on the 10th April 1971 my Daughter Tammi was born, but unforntunately things never worked out with her Mum so we drifted apart.

I think our ages played a big part I was Eighteen and Tammi's Mum was seventeen.

We stopped seeing each other, but I also never saw Tammi after she probaly turned three not something I am proud of.

Turn the clock forward till August 2008 I had probaly been on Facebook for probaly maybe a couple of years but didnt realy go on it much, Out of the blue I get a mail from someone saying do I know them and of course you have guessed it, it was Tammi, imagine my surprise after all these years, It took me a while to reply but when I did I said yes I know who you are, I am your Dad.

Over the next couple of weeks we chatted constantly on facebook not on chat but by message as if it was chat, well it didnt take very long but we seemed to gel straight away.

After a couple of weeks we arranged to meet up we had exchanged phone numbers only to text because the first time we would hear each others voices would be when we met.

Well the day came and we were both very nervous, what a day it was I put on par with the birth of my other two children. It was an awesome moment meeting Tammi after all them years apart.

We are constantly in touch now we chat every day we text every day we meet up very regulary.

We have so many mannerism's in common even though I have had no influence over her life

But not only has Tammi welcomed me into her life I have two beautiful Grandaughters one handsome Grandson I also have a handsome Great Grandson and a beautiful Great Grandaughter. I have been welcomed in by one and all of them and I love them all so very dearly.

So when you hear people say facebook is shit yeah sometimes it is, but without facebook my life would be so much poorer.

I would like to thank Tammi so much for being a fantastic Daughter who without her determination to find me my life would not be the same.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wed 31st March

Whilst cycling in last night an idiot decided that rather than wait she would turn left but I was aware of what she was going to do so I stopped she turned left so I give her a volley of abuse

My legs ached again I give the hill a miss went the slighty longer way round

This morning I cycled home via Asda's, when I left Asda for home I gunned it got home very quickly my legs did not feel any affect was realy pleased perhaps the extra mileage I am doing is starting to take affect.

The stats dont tell the full story because when I cycled to Asda's from work I cycled very leisurely but all the stats are together hope this makes sense

But I wont be cycling in tonight as I want to get more shopping than I can carry on my Bike

To Work

To Home

I intend to post something later today hopefully, about how Facebook has Changed and enriched my life so watch this space

Tues 30th March Grrr Router

Our router started playing up today so when got home from work couldnt get on the internet, the lucky thing is Keir is back for three weeks so left him sorting it out when I went back to bed at lunchtime and bingo when I got up this evening its all back up and running big thank you Keir

The cycle in last night was ok but my legs ached a bit especialy going up the hill they also ached on me way home but only feel it when I am cycling

Am cycling in tonight

To work

To Home via Asda's

My pace is down a bit

Monday, 29 March 2010

Mon March 29th

Got work tonight come home via asda's in the morning add a bit of mileage to my commute

I am planning my next longish cycle, a round trip of approx 15 miles I am hoping next Sunday to cycle to the Royal Hospital Chelsea this is where I will do my London Bikeathon 2010 from

This is all dependant how knackered I am after my trip to Old Trafford next Saturday

I would like to thank everyone for there words of encouragement it keeps me trying to cycle a bit further each time thank you one and all

I would also like to also congtatulate Joby and James on completing the 100 mile Verenti Cheshire Cat well done boys you done Brilliant

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sun 28th march Bike Ride 13.06 miles

Went out this afternoon on the bike broke the 13 mile barrier am pleased with myself a couple of months ago would not even have contemplated doing this,which incidently 13 miles is the distance I am doing in the
London Bikeathon 2010

A word of thanks to Toby for sponsoring me

My route was on roads and cycle paths which made a change from just cycling on roads hence the lower average speed

Distance 13.06 miles average speed was 10.5 mph time taken 1hr 14m 33s

This was my Route

My Legs were like Jelly when I got home,but they didnt ache that will probaly come tommorow

Saturday, 27 March 2010

London Bikeathon 27th June

I have just registered to do London Bikeathon 2010

Anyone interested can sponsor me here

I will be doing the 13 mile scenic Route which is doable for my level of fitness

Sat 27th March Horrendous Journey

I left home for sunny Salford at 2PM, had planned to me Joby for a quick drink in Moon Under Water
and to say " Hello "

But once I got past Birmingham the traffic was horrendous there was a couple of accidents I eventualy arrived in sunny Salford at 7.45PM in hindsight being a Friday I should have left earlier so appoligies to Joby

But maybe when I pick Keir up in June


We could all meet up for a couple of drinks

Set out on the journey home at 8PM traffic was fairly light but it was raining heavy at times eventualy getting home at 1.45AM my neck was stiff back was aching but not surprising if you consider was driving for nearly 12 hours

Got Football today

Chelsea v Aston Villa 3PM KO

No cycling today but planning a ride Sunday hoping to cycle a bit further than my 10 miler last weekend but not a lot more need to build up gradualy

Would like to finnish by wishing Joby and James the very best of luck on sunday in the Verenti Cheshire Cat 2010 check out my post from Friday for more details

Friday, 26 March 2010

Fri 26th March Docs Results

I have to admit I was a bit worried bout my blood test results today, although I go every six months for them to check Blood sugar and cholesterol levels when surgery phoned asking me to come in and see the Doc I thought the least would say is I will have go on pills for Diabetes. But no my levels are slighty down on my last results so another test in six months time or before if I develop obviuos symptons like raging thirsts or raging pee's so am pleased with myself.

Cycled to the Docs which is not far, left the Docs cycled up to the cash point got some dough out for todays trip to sunny Salford

My trips today r like jus stepping out of the door compared to




The very best of luck to you both on Sunday in the Verenti Cheshire Cat

My short route here

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thurs 25th March

Cycled home today in the quickest time acheived thus far beat my previous best by six seconds

This is my normal route home here

Got Doctors tomorrow see what she has to say bout my blood test results

I plan to go for a quick cycle after the Doctors but that will depend how I feel bout the results of the of the blood test

Me and Toby are planning to take part in the London to Brighton cycle ride in 2011 so we both have that as a goal to get fit my plan is to raise money for the alzheimer's society

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wed 24th March

I cycled home via Asda's again today I think I must be burning more calories than garmin states after I have bin shopping coz it dont take into count the extra weight of me shopping and my Kryptonie New York Lock Which I carry in my backpack dont like it mounted on my bike plus dont think I have room now since I fitted my water bottle holder for my longer planned rides

I cyled home via the Doctors to see if they have got somewhere to lock my bike up even tho it is only 5 Minutes down the road from my house I might go for a quick ride after, wont be be for long tho, coz of picking Keir up, well that is the plan but it depends on what the Doc says bout my blood test results if not good might not feel like cycling

Route home from work here

I also av one of these for added security Kryptonite KryptoFlex 7 Foot Cable Bike Lock

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tues 23rd March

I cycled to work last night it is only a distance off 1.79 miles but there is one steepish hill and I felt it my legs ached, this probaly is the after affects of me 10 miler saturday.

Left work this morning cycled home via Asda's which meant I cycled 3.19 miles home and my legs were like jelly this is a relatively flat route.

I got go to the Doctors on friday 9am and get the result of my blood test, then set out bout lunch time to drive to Salford and pick Keir up.

I plan a cycle on sunday hoping to get more than 10 miles under my belt, well that is the plan.

Route to Work

Route to Asda's

Route to Home

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mon 22nd March

Got home last night from Blackburn at about 11.45 pm but had to be up early to give my missus a lift into work, traffic was horrendous I was envious of all the cyclist avoiding the traffic

My arse and legs did not suffer any ill affects yesterday after my 10 miler on Saturday

Back to work tonight so will cycle in but it is only just under 2 miles, Am looking forward to the little commute in tonight and tackle the one big hill perhaps my legs might feel it then , when I finish in the morning will cycle to Asda's to get a bit of shopping which will add some more distance but not a lot.

Friday will see me drive to Salford to pick my Son Keir up for his easter break from Uni, will be good to have in back for three weeks, me thinks the fridge will take a bashing lol

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sunday 21st March Blackburn away

Well I am up early got to drive to Stamford Bridge today park the car there and catch the coach which leaves at 8.45 am, with me on the coach will be my wife Pat and Daughter Erin we will meet our son at the ground he will be travelling from Salford he is in uni there where he is studying polotics this is his first year he has still managed to get to a lot of games this season though

Blackburn Rovers v Chelsea 4PM Kick off

I prefer away games better atmosphere

10 Mile Distance Broken

I am so pleased with myself went out on my Bike this afternoon in the rain and broke the 10 mile barrier I cycled to Halfords to look at the helmets, that was a distance of 3.26 miles, when I left Halfords I only stopped at lights which meant I done 7 Miles straight off the bounce on me new unbroken in
Brooks Saddle

Surprisingly my arse aint sore

This is my Route

Sat 20th March

The weather in sunny Mitcham is well, wet but not raining at the moment.

Want to go out on my Bike later if I can havn't been 2 work this week holiday, but have managed three rides this week all very short distances 10.24 miles in total

Got pick the wife up from work then she wants go to Merton Abbey Mills

So hopefully after that I can go for a ride

Still undecided on wether to purchase a helmet I know it is the sensible thing to do

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lego Cycle Helmet safety film

Thurs 18th March cycle helmet poll

To wear a cycle Helmet or not

When I cycle I don't wear an helmet spose u cud say that is vanity or it wont happen to me philosophy, but when I look round at other cyclist Bloggers it wud appear I am most definitely in the minority

Please feel free to comment ure advise will b warmly welcomed

I av also put a poll on ere

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

National Cycle Route 20 Wandle Trail

NCR 20


Wed 17th March

Deaths sound alarm bells for London's 'Year of Cycling'

Check out the story here

Check out Joby's excellent Blog here to get a real insight into commuter cycling

Monday, 15 March 2010

Tues 16th March

Off to the Bridge tonight Champions League League Match match

Chelsea v Inter Milan

Kick Off 7.45pm

Return of The Special One Jose Mourinho

Brooks Saddle Fitted

Cycled to av me Blood test 2day
Only a round trip of nearly 4 miles

Check out the Routes



Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mon 15th March

Of to the Pictures (cinema)today with my Son he is back from Uni for a few days

We are going to see

Capitalism: A love story

A Film by Michael Moore

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sat March 13th

Off to the Bridge today Premier League Match match

Chelsea v West Ham United

Kick Off 3pm

4 Chelsea v West Ham Untited 1

Alex 16 Drogba 56 19 Malouda 77

Parker 30

Only realy remember West Ham having one shot on target which was there goal, Florent Malouda was absolutely on fire and was rightly given man of the match

Friday, 12 March 2010

Fri 12th March

Brooks Saddle has arrived

No Brooks Maintenance Kit as yet :-(

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Random shit

Thurs March 10th

Just got an email from Rutland cycling that they have dispatched my order

One Brooks B17 Standard Saddle - Black

Check it out here

One Brooks Maintenance Kit

Check it out here

Will report back on how I get on Clive here swears by them

I could be swearing if it tears my Backside apart lol

New Cycling safety video for Motorist

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wed 10th March My first victim

While cycling into work last night I overtook my very first cyclist normaly it is me being overtaken but I sailed past him like he wasnt there, I cheered to myself like I ad won the Tour De France, judging by the way I flew past him he prob was older than me, can I hear u saying is that possible lol.

I cycled home round the houses this morning but dont get excited coz it was only jus over 5 miles, but as Clive keeps telling me its not a marathon but a sprint he also says small steps at a time.

Check out Clive's excellent blog here

Check out my route


5 miles today who knows wot next week might bring 6 miles whoo

Thank you Clive for your kind words of encouragement

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tues 9th March

I had intended to cycle all round the houses on me way home from work coz I only live just under 2 miles away, so that was the plan, then maybe I can get fitter and be able to cycle longer distances.

But had to get home quickly coz Man united away tickets went on sale at 7 am, got them ok so look out Joby I will be in ure neck of the woods Sat 3rd April.

My plan is defo to cycle all round the houses in the morning on me way home

Mon 8th March

The weather in sunny Mitcham is well sunny doh

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sun 7th March

Off to the Bridge today for FA Cup quarter Final match

Chelsea v Stoke City

Kick Off 4pm

2 Chelsea v Stoke City 0

Lampard 35 Terry 67

Wasnt a great game but to be honest Stoke didnt realy pose a threat even Delap's long throws didnt cause Chelsea many problems job done

Wembley here we come Aston Villa in the semi-final

Sat 6th March

Of to the Pictures (cinema) today to see Alice in Wonderland
Johnny Depp is one of my favourite actors

Will let u know what I think of it afterwards.

Well I enjoyed the film it was on for just under two hours which flew by which is always a good sign no fidgeting in me seat and keep looking at me watch.

This is the first full length feature film I have seen in 3D I thought it worked well

Johnny Depp cast as the Mad Hatter he seems to be very well suited to these sort of roles, any Johnny Depp fan will defo enjoy this film.

Anyone else who has seen this film please leave a comment and tell me what you think all comments are very welcome

Overall I would score it 8/10 I am not saying its a must see film but I thoroughly enjoyed it

Friday, 5 March 2010

Steak and Goats Cheese Rissoto

I cooked Goats Cheese Rissoto Wiv Steak tonight it looked and tasted much better than it looks in the pic

Gran Tourismo 5 cant wait

Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Car

Audi S3 Ad from new September 2000

It has only done 44229 miles which can b seen on the oddometer

Monday, 1 March 2010

Stats for Febuary

Miles 71.46

Time 7Hrs 15Mins 20Secs

Fastest av speed 11.2

Av MPH 9.8

Fastest Pace 20.6 MPH

Elevation Gain Total 4635 ft

Calories Burnt Total 2826