Saturday, 20 March 2010

10 Mile Distance Broken

I am so pleased with myself went out on my Bike this afternoon in the rain and broke the 10 mile barrier I cycled to Halfords to look at the helmets, that was a distance of 3.26 miles, when I left Halfords I only stopped at lights which meant I done 7 Miles straight off the bounce on me new unbroken in
Brooks Saddle

Surprisingly my arse aint sore

This is my Route


  1. Nice going Les. Looks like you have a nice hill there. Mine all seem to be short or uphill!

  2. Thanks mate there was a couple of hills that took it out of me but kept going

  3. Well Done Les, keep it up. Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with cake :D (ok, a single step but I like my version better)

  4. Thanks Carrie like ure version better mate