Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Moonwalking Bear Has Moved

The Bear has decided a change is as good as a rest so he has set up a new blog over at wordpress here is the link for the Bears new home
lezzzzzz the moonwalking Bear

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Planned Route for wednesday 18th August

I have been thinking for awhile that I wanted to cycle over to where my Sister in Law lives, which is Chalk farm North London. She lives about fourteen miles away from me. The route shown is 13.2 miles that is because it is to where she works.

I wont be leaving till 4PM which means that I will be cycling through central London during the busy times should be an experience.

I will be taking a camera to take some pictures of some of the London Landmarks particularly for Stout Biking the Bay

Monday, 16 August 2010

New Brakes Blocks on my cheap Mountain Bike

I haven't ridden much the last few days apart from a couple little shopping trips.

The last time I rode my mountain bike I realised the brakes were not doing there job properly so needed to get some new brake blocks, the trouble is I am a virgin mechanic, anyway ordered two sets of brake blocks from Chain Reaction Cycles seeing has the bike only cost me £56 I wasn't going to spend a fortune on Brake Blocks I know they are important read the one review on the site and he said basically they do what they say on the tin.

They cost me the princely sum of £4.00 for two pairs in there sale plus free p&p. RRP is £4.99 for one pair.

Anyway fitted them in about twenty minutes, but they were binding, after some lunch and a quick scour of the Internet YouTube is my best friend adjusted them, they are spot on now so well pleased. Brake Blocks

A blog I have just started reading The London Cyclist don't be put of by the name you don't have to come from London to enjoy.

August 150 27.60 Miles not good

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Last commute for eleven Days what Lube do you use

No Drama's again but I much prefer it that way.

I lubed my chain yesterday I used a Bike Hut (Halfords) Dry Lube, has anyone got any advice on what Lube to use please.

To Work

To Home

Commuting 26.26 Miles

Coommute to work and a nice surprise

No drama's to report to or from work, no getting soaked but a nice surprise I went into HR last nite at work to get a printout of my holidays got a nice surprise that I have got a weeks holiday next week, so will be able to put some miles into the August 150 but still don't think I will complete it this month but lets see what happens.

Route To work

Route To home

Commuting 21.72 miles

Monday, 9 August 2010

Commute to and from work

No drama's going to work felt a bit tired in the legs going in which is reflected in my top speed.

Coming home no drama's apart from the fact it was tipping it down so cycled home in me shorts and used my Aldi £4.99 light shower proof jacket seemed ok except I was wet everywhere else.

Although fitted my cadence sensor Saturday was working before I tightened the cable ties up, but when I went for my first ride it wasn't working, but with a little adjustment here and there it seems to be working ok.

Route To Work

Route To Home

Commuting Miles 18.38

Second Appointment at the Physiotherapy Department

I got up at 6.45 am for my 8am Physio appointment, left about 7.20 am it only takes about twenty minutes to cycle there. Gave me some extra exercises to help with the movement in my arms.

On the way back I stopped at savacentre to get some shopping.

Route to Physio

Route to Savacentre

Route to Home

August 150 21.77 miles so far

Think I might struggle to finish the August 150

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Community Shield at Wembley

Just leaving for Wembley Community Shield Chelsea v Manchester United 3pm KO

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fitted the Cadence meter for Garmin Edge 500

Today I fitted the cadence meter to my Scott Sub 10, it took me about half hour but most people could probably do it in half that time, I also fitted a mount for the 500 on my cheap mountain but because it has an angled stem so had to fit it on the handle bars.

I have been using the Garmin Edge 500 for a few days , my first impressions are that I think it is a great bit of kit. My 205 served me well never let me down, but no HR Monitor no Cadence Meter no temperature gauge.The 500 has three fully customisable screens, which can be set to display the info you want, watch the video at the end for more info.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Short cycle to Balham and back 8.59 miles

I decided to cycle to Waitrose in Balham to get a bit of shopping, also chance to try out my HR monitor on my new Garmin Edge 500, but haven't fitted the cadence meter yet. So far am very happy with the 500.

I was stopped at some red traffic signals, which was on stop for pedestrians, three cyclist were stopped including myself, it was a joy to see.

Whilst on the subject of traffic signals, stopped at some lights in Balham which have a countdown for Pedestrians. I personally think it is a very good idea, for more info check it out Here
Whilst cycling home stopped at some lights bloke on a bike decided that red traffic signals don't count if your on a bike, anyway lights changed was catching him up when he went through pedestrian lights to be fair he did look for pedestrians but still ignored the light, but with the bit between my teeth I caught up and passed him yay Hare and Tortoise comes to mind. This is probaly where my BPM hit its high point 168.

To Balham

To Home

Commuting miles so far 14.54 miles

Aug 150 total so far 12.3 miles

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last Commute of the week

I am glad to say once again no problems to report, it would appear my time for getting to and from work these days is eight minutes forty seconds, I want to try and break the eight minute barrier, it wont be easy I know but I am determined.

To Work

To Home

First commute using my Garmin Edge 500

No drama's on my commutes again I could get use to this.

Route to work

Route to Home was via Asda's for a bit of shopping

Yesterday my new Garmin Edge 500 arrived with HR Monitor and Cadence meter, have only used the 500 so far will fit the cadence meter this week sometime,if my tiny little Brain figures it out. When I go out on my next non commuter ride will use HR Monitor, has can be seen from the pictures I was previously using a Garmin Edge 205 which I won of ebay for £80.

First impressions the 500 has so much more details than the 205, but what I also like the way the 500 is mounted to the bike, no cable ties, rubber rings hold the mount in place very securely, the unit is popped in place then with a quarter turn locks in place,a much neater unit.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Commute to and from work First in August weight gain

Absolutely no drama's on my commute, my time to get to work and back is getting quicker which I am very pleased with, which I must assume my fitness is improving, but my weight has gone up, I weighed myself yesterday and I now weigh 12stone 1Pound, steps will have to be taken to put this right.

Route to work

Route to home

First very short cycle ride of the August 150 3.44 miles

Just a short cycle into Mitcham Town centre to do a bit of shopping, absolutely no drama's to report.

Route Here

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Final cycle for the July 150

Had to get a couple things from Croydon, has is normal for me now cycled there and back.

I am very happy to have completed the July 150 there were times after my accident thoughts of doing 150 leisure miles seemed like flying to the moon,but have risen to the challenge. So would like to thank Phill for giving me the incentive to cycle more than just a very short trip to work.

I have noticed that my average moving speed seems to be getting a bit quicker, not fast by any means compared to others, but none the less an improvement for me. Today's trip back my average moving speed was 12.5 mph don't think I have ever cracked 12 mph before so very pleased with my progress.

Route to Croydon

Route to Home

Final July 150 Stats

Leisure Miles 157.52

Commuting Miles 20.07

This Bear is so happy he could dance

Friday, 30 July 2010

July 150 challenge Beaten 12.75 miles today

Went for a short ride today, wasn't without incidents, first was a woman on a bike I won't call her a cyclist. I was cycling across a major junction lights were in my favour, when this stupid woman decided it perfectly acceptable to ignore a red traffic signal, so I had a go at her for ignoring the red lights, so she sarcastically said " just because your a professional cyclist " to which I replied "no I am not a professional cyclist but I know what a fucking light looks like and it cunts like you that give cyclist a bad name".

Next incident seemed like Deja vu as I was cycling towards Tooting a woman in a side road started to pull as I got within 5 feet of her. I hit my brakes hard, my back wheel skidded but that was all never came off, the noise of my tyres made her stop in time I didn't say anything except I gave her daggers.

My Route Here

July 150 152.45 miles

I won a Columbia HTC shirt off ebay from Hongkong £16,99 free p&p arrived today, eleven days it took to get here. And no I wasn't wearing it when I had the argument with the woman, was at home when I got back.

Link to the seller here He sells all sorts of cycling team shirts he does shorts as well definitely worth a look.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Final Commute for July 150

No Drama's to and from work

Route To Work

Route To Home

Final Commuting miles 20.07

Ride of My Life: The Story of the Bicycle

Robert Penn having his ultimate Bike built with parts from all round the world


A very interesting watch

A trailer for said programme

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Commuting miles

No drama going into work

To Work

Coming home was a different story had an altercation with a driver of a small off roader but no drama. Am totaly ok bike is fine.

Route Home

Commuting 16.16 Miles

Monday, 26 July 2010

Commute to and from work

I am glad to say absolutely no drama's going to work or coming home.

To Work Here

Back Home Here

Commuting 11.77 miles

My Trip to the Physiotheraphy department St Georges Hospital

Got up at 8am got myself ready, left home 8.45 got to St Georges Hospital at 9.15, there was plenty of bike parking. My slot was between 10-11am. I was shown several exercises given a printout of exercises I need to do, have a return appointment in two weeks time. The Physiotherapist said she could tell by my movement there is still a lot of stiffness in my arms and shoulders. Left the hospital by 10.30. Very impressed with the service I received.

Route to the Hospital Here 3.04 miles

Cycled home via Sainsbury's Savacentre to get some shopping

Route home Here 3.77 miles

July 150 Total 139.70 Leisure miles

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Conquered that Bastard Hill without pushing the Bike

Got up at 8.30 this morning got myself ready for today's ride, had porridge for breakfast.

I left home about 9.45 but this time on my scott with the intention of getting up the hill that defeated me last Sunday Blog here

So cycled to Carshalton had to stop at the lights at the beginning of the hill, the lights changed so I set off anyway, I got I suppose about quarter of a mile and I had to stop my legs were feeling it, so sat on my bike had a drink must have sat there for 5 minutes, decided lets go for it so I set off again determined that I wasn't stopping again till I reached the top, from bottom to top must be about three to four miles. Anyway I kept going and going till I reached the top. I had a rest at the top for about ten minutes, where I consumed more drink and a Lucozade energy gel.

Set off again feeling pleased with myself even though I stopped once, I headed down to Beddington Park where I completed a couple of laps.

After leaving Beddington I set off for home via a roundabout route because I need more miles to complete the July 150

My Route Here

20.14 miles today pleased with that, arms and legs ache just a little.

July 150 Miles 132.89

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cycle to B&Q and back but not for work

I had to buy a couple of small things from B&Q, so I decided cycling was a lot easier than driving, it takes about the same time, today was a lot quicker on the bike has the traffic was horrendous.

To B&Q

Back to home

July 150 now stands at 112.75

Commuting 8.34

Friday, 23 July 2010

A day with my eldest daughter Tammi

I spent a lovely day with my daughter Tammi and my grandson George, had a fantastic day,
I cycled there and back so added 8.34 more miles to the July 150.

I know most people who read this blog know how Tammi and I was reunited with Tammi our story here

Route there and back

July 150 miles 109.26

Commuting miles 8.34

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Second commute eleven weeks since my accident

I cycled into work last night eleven weeks since my accident there was times in the early days that I was wondering if I would ever get back on my bike,but that wasn't the final scenario I am glad to say.

To Work

Cycled home via Asda's Route Here

Got a surprise in the post today, I have got a choice of appointments for physiotherapy next week it is a walk in advice clinic.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First commute since my accident

Commuted into work last night with know problems I did give a cursory glance when I got to the school where the car pulled out in front of me causing my injures.

Route into work

Know problems commuting home via Tesco's

Route Home

Commuting miles 4.13

Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy Happy Bear I have just completed 100 miles in July 150

Went on a very short ride to Tesco's this morning served two purposes one to get some shopping the other it meant I would break 100 miles in the July 150.

The Bear is very happy about this specially as nearly eleven weeks ago broke both my elbows although nowhere fully fit I am back on my bike, which makes me very very happy.

Also would like to thank everyone for there support you have all helped a lot.

Back to work tonight, here is my short Route

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A ride on my cheapo mountain bike 16.13 miles

Got up this morning had my normal pre ride breakfast of Porridge. Left home at 11.10 on my Mountain Bike which weighs about ten pounds more than my Scott Sub 10. Anyway I had only gone about a mile and a half my legs were feeling, not a great start. I made my way through Carshalton .

But this is where my trouble started as I left carshalton I started a steep climb but I could see know end to it in the end my body could take know more, I am afraid I had to get off and push the Bike I was disappointed about this. I did pause the Garmin while pushing the Bike so the stats are pure cycling.

Anyway near the top of the hill there was a bench, so I sat there a tad disappointed, I took the opportunity to have my Lucozade Alert, if you have not tried one of these I don't know if they work, but can tell you they taste of a very bitter Orange. Don't know if it was my imagination after about five minutes, felt like a pain in my forehead only lasted for a few moments.

After a ten minute break decided that now was the time to change direction so went left of the hill but the climbing was not finished, but from now on there was know getting off the bike.

Set off for home via a couple of laps round Beddington park and a short trip into Asda's

I do feel disappointed about getting off the bike and pushing it. After I got home I spoke to my Eldest Daughter Tammi on the phone, she said to me that I shouldn't feel bad as I have only been back on my bike less than two weeks. Which if you look at it that way she is right. Thank you Tammi for your support very much appreciated.

July 150 Total so far 98.59 miles

Here is my route here

Friday, 16 July 2010

A short Cycle into Croydon and back 4.83 miles only

I took the Scott Sub 10 for a short cycle into Croydon, I needed to get some new shorts for work, also some food. The cycle in was into a strong headwind. Only met a couple of idiots one a young bloke who saw me but still carried on walking and nearly walked in front of the bike, a car driver who thought it was OK to get a bit close to me because he couldn't wait for me to get past the traffic island.

After getting my shorts I bought Lucozade energy gels energy bar and also bought Lucozade alert these are for my planned cycle on my mountain bike Sunday.

Anyway as I left Croydon it decided now was a good time to rain, as it is only a couple of miles I decided against putting my light showerproof jacket on.

Well within a mile from home a idiotic woman decided she should open her car door without looking luckily I wasn't close enough to cause me a big problem. But I did shout at her why didn't she look.

Got home without further incident accept as I got home it stopped raining and the sun came out.

No cycling Saturday as I am attending Crystal Palace v Chelsea pre season friendly 3pm KO at Selhurst Park

My total for July 150 is now 82.46 miles I am hoping by Sunday will crack the 100 mile mark.

My route to and from Croydon

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

West end and back 23.28 miles

Got up about 8.30 made myself some porridge for breakfast, got myself ready left home just after 10 am. My route took me through Tooting Bec Common Clapham Common Saint James Park and various main and side roads.I got to piccadilly just after 11 am, no dramas to report except when I got to Buckingham Palace couldn't cycle up constitution hill as I planned do to the changing of the Guard.

Route to West end

I done what I needed to do then set off for home, on my journey back I saw several cyclist who thought that red traffic signals didn't apply to them, they are the sort of people that give cyclist a bad press.

I stopped in Battersea Park to eat a chocolate energy bar and have a drink. I also stopped at Waitrose to pick up a couple of bits for dinner.

Got home about 1.15 pm well that energy bar didn't really do the trick because the last three miles was hard going.

But pleased with my progress since getting back on my bike since my accident. My right arm in particular is feeling stiff while cycling and also after I get back, I think it will take time to fully heal. But am really enjoying being back on the bike. Also pleased about I used the big front ring a few times to raise my pace not something I have realy used before.

I have signed up for the London Skyride

My Route Home

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Planned Route for wednesday 14th July

Clean and lubed the chain on my Scott Sub 10 for tomorrow,looking forward to my cycle.

This is my planned route for tomorrow, I haven't cycled in the west end before so could be very interesting. I don't know if I will stick rigidly to this route, only time will tell.

So could be another twenty odd miles off my July 150

First time I have used mapmyride will definitely use again for route planning

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Out on my cheap ebay special mountain bike 20.93 miles

Yesterday with Keir's help fitted new inner tube on my Mountain Bike. So today my bike was ready to go after new inner tube.

Got up about 9.30 made porridge for breakfast go my self ready, left home about 11.10 this bikes weights about 10 pounds more than my Scott Sub 10 which is my usual mode of transport.

I followed NCR 20 to wandsworth this route is mainly through parks and shrubby tracks, hence my choice of transport.

I made my way back mostly on NCR 20, got home 4 hours later, I must admit was happy to get home felt knackered. My right arm does feel stiff. But know other ill affects.

Also notice from the first picture I am wearing an helmet I have learnt my lesson after my accident

My Route Here

Friday, 9 July 2010

16 Miles on the bike to the home of The Champions and back

I decided that I would go for a little ride today I left home about 12.30 I got back at 3.45 but I did stop a couple of times, was very pleased and surprised when I got back and found out that I had cycled 16.40 miles. My arms are aching but I suppose that is to be expected.

As can be seen in the pictures unlike Tot*****m I didn't park the bus but I did park the Bike.

I did have a run in with a lorry that decided to turn across in front of me, I gave him a mouth full of abuse, his mates where he was delivering to shouted back abuse, so I gave them as good as I got. But decided to carry on with my journey specialy as there was five or six of them.

Don't forget the Bear video at the end

My Route here

This has been a LTMWB Production

Thursday, 8 July 2010

No Bike ride today :'( :'(

I had intended to go for another little jaunt on my bike today but my right Elbow is aching a little, so thought it was wiser to stay of the bike for today, hopefully I will back up and running tomorrow.

As I needed to go into Croydon to get my glasses repaired I decided for the exercise I would walk to and from Croydon a distance of five miles in total, but I probably covered between seven and eight miles with the walking around Croydon.

Went into Evans Cycles I bought an inner tube for my Mountain Bike, I want to fit it to the rear so I can go out on my mountain bike at the weekend, Elbows permitting. Also made an enquiry about the FREE Maintenance Training Course This looks a good deal after the course you are given a free goodies bag

A Card From My Friend Scott Sub 10

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Second Bike Ride The Happy Happy Bear is Back Oh Yes

Got up this morning had breakfast got myself ready to go on another ride on my bike. Left home about 10.30 it was a very pleasant 10 miler only one slight Joby moment when a car drove a bit close.

I am not feeling any affects apart from slight soreness in my right elbow but that goes after a short while, getting jelly legs which only lasts bout two minutes oh yes my arse is a bit sore from me Brooks Saddle but that is to be expected since my arse aint been near a saddle for nearly ten weeks.

Here is my my route

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Back on my Bike but am I turning into Joby

Well after my chat with the consultant yesterday, today was the first time on my bike since 21st April yay.

Well I set out it felt good straight from the start well that was untill I was cycling up the road and an idiot bloke walked out in front of not to close so that was ok until less than five seconds later a woman just walked straight out in front of me I pulled up sharply and that fateful night came back to me, I shouted very loudly "OI why don't you look" she jumped out of her skin.

I decided to pop into Tesco and get a bit of shopping I was queuing up when some idiot tried to push in front of me, obviously I confronted him about there being a queue, he reckoned I was agressive to right I aint standing in queue for the benefit of my health. He said no wonder I had an helmet on to which I replied "I am wearing a helmet because some cunt in car nearly killed me" Anyway my Joby moments over. Just in case you thought I meant I was turning into a fat northerner.

Anyway back to the ride I realy enjoyed my first time back on the bike got that buzz back straight away,my right elbow felt a little stiff when I got home but has eased up, I also got the old jelly legs for a couple of minutes so good to have that feeling back.

So first ride 6.75 miles so only 143.25 miles to go in Phills July 150

Route here

Monday, 5 July 2010

Hospital Appointment injury update yay

Got up at seven this morning as I had my 9.30 appointment at the fracture clinic, had some jam on toast for breakfast, I had me shower got myself ready decided I would walk to the hospital as it is only about 2 to 3 miles. Left home 8.30 got to the fracture clinic about 9.10 absolute nightmare.

Walked in no receptionist a queue of about ten people in front of me, know one seemed to know what was going on, to make matters worst it was really hot in there. After ten minutes or so the receptionist decided to turn up, to say she was rude would be an understatement. She told everyone to go into the waiting room and she would get it all sorted. She was very rude to the Nurse she was a complete arsehole but I digress.

Anyway I managed to get a seat right next to fan because not only was I roasting but I thought I am going to be here for the duration, after waiting for about fifteen minutes the nurse calls out my name so I think result, then she says "have I had an xray today" no I replied OK she says. Five minutes later she calls me again saying I can go in now and see the consultant and he will decide if I need an xray.

Anyway after giving my arms a thorough examination he say well Mr Bear your injuries are clearing up very well, and I am to ditch the slings. He has given me a certificate for a further two weeks just for added injury time.

I asked him about cycling and my concern about potholes and uneven roads, and he said yes you can get back on your bike but just be careful so I am like a Bear in shit so happy.

So tomorrow I will be out on my bike first time since April,will only be just up the road for starters but I cant wait.

I have signed up for Phill's July 150

I would like to Finnish by congratulating Joby on his Manchester to Blackpool and back home cycle ride well done matey

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Injury update

Well the arms are improving greatly in the last couple of days for the first time since the accidentI have been able to drive my car not long distances though but it's a start, I only wear my slings now when I go out and there are lots of people about. This is just a confidence thing but obviously I still have to be careful because I banged my elbow on the door frame the other day OUCH and it sent a shooting pain through my arm. My hospital appointment is Monday 5Th July will see the consultant then.

Tomorrow was supposed to have been my London Bikeathon but sadly won't be taking part it's not the cycling that worries me I can't wait to get back on my bike, but if I hit a hump or hollow could set me back and it has been long enough.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with my eldest daughter's Tammi those of you who have been following my blog for awhile will know how we was reunited through Facebook our story I had a fantastic day with Tammi and my grandson George. Through this Blog I want to publicly thank Tammi from the bottom of my heart for finding me.

Finally I think you will all agree a cutesy game that is well suited to "The moonwalking Bear" Thank you to Joby for the heads up on this game even if your not into games it's definitely worth a look enjoy folks.

NO Bears were harmed in the making of this game.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Toby Field London to Brighton Cycle Ride

Got up at 5.15 this morning to meet up with Toby Field has he is taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle ride with his friend Darren, it was good to meet up in person as opposed to in cyberspace. There start time was 8am but they never got away till after that. I have to say a big up to Toby for taking this challenge on as he has only been cycling since march Toby's First cycle. Back in march when he started he could not have envisaged three months later he would be taking part in the London to Brighton. Well done mate you have done brilliant. Seeing you today as made me even more determined to get fit and get back on my bike. I have never seen so many different bikes folding,mountain,BMX,racing,etc, I even saw two blokes on a tandem one of them had his artificial leg strapped to the bike. Well done to all the people taking part.

Time taken 6 Hours 20 Minutes

Just a quick note on my injury front my arms are getting better but I still get caught out, I forget sometimes which must be a good sign, but twist my arm slightly then I remember oh yes I remember ok. Go back to the Hospital to see the consultant 5th July

Monday, 7 June 2010

Injury update

Well there is more movement out of my left arm, my right is about the same as before, but my arms are aching a lot, I get the occasional shooting pain when doing the simplest of tasks, last week was cleaning the inside of my coffee mug with a sponge I made a circular motion and a pain shot up my right arm. Joby insert joke here

Was due to see the consultant at the fracture clinic on Monday the 14th June Mayday Hospital but got a letter Friday stating my appointment had to be cancelled and has been changed to Monday 5th July which is a right pain in the, well elbows.

Regular visitors to The moonwalking Bear blog will have noticed, well maybe noticed that I wasn't around last week this was due to lack of access to a pc but

Like Arnie

I am back

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

BLUR OUT 28/05/10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 OUT 02/07/10

Blur out this Friday its like a cross between Wipeout HD and Burnout Paradise

Metacritic ratings

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 out 2nd July with the new Ryder Cup Mode

Also new up to twelve v twelve online play

This is a LTMWB Production

Cycle Lanes

I don't know what its like in your part of the world but where I live cycle lanes are well, crap. They are full of humps hollows and pot holes found this video on YouTube of how I believe a cycle lane should be, but has the other pictures show,cycle lanes are only as good as long as motorist don't use them for parking in or driving in. Taxi Driver video is a Jobys Bike production

Check out the NYPD picture so until attitudes change from planners and inconsiderate motorist alike we have put up with it or move to Holland, read coastrider blog entry on his trip to Holland here This is how it should be

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot Sunday Meal and Theatre

Sunday me the Wife and our daughter Erin met up with the wife's Sister to celebrate Erin's 24th Birthday.

We went up the west end to have a meal and go to the theatre afterwards.

Was roasting hot in London like it was in most parts. But that didn't stop some dickhead in a car trying to kill me, he was turning round and wouldn't wait for me to cross, so I gave him a volley of abuse and for once the wife didn't kick off over my very colourful language

Went to bertorelli restaurant This Italian Restaurant if I am being totally honest food was OK but I thought the service wasn't the best, would I go back there probably not but maybe that is me.

With our bellies filled of to the Savoy Theatre to see Legally Blond Erin has been wanting to go to see this for awhile, so it came has a nice surprise for her, she really enjoyed it which is all that matters,the reason I say that is musicals are not my thing, but a good day was had by all. would I recommend this hard to say if your taste is singing with American accents and some funny one liners thrown in you could enjoy it, In my opinion the first half was pretty slow and boring, the second half was much livelier and certainly not boring. You pays your money and makes your choice.

Maybe these reviews will help

Guardian review

Telegraph review

BBC review

This is a LTMWB Production

Friday, 21 May 2010

Blog Name

Decided to add to my Blog name because the tosser that caused my injuries obviously never ever watched this video. Credit to Phill for the idea

Credit to Toby for posting the video in his excellent Blog

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trip to Croydon and thank you

Got up at eight this morning, got showered and dressed to go to Croydon, walked accross Mitcham Common then walked the way I would normally cycle to work, to catch the tram from Therapia Lane into croydon.I ate a fried Breakfast naghtyI know,bought some food, and purchased on Blu-ray sex & drugs & rock & roll starring Andy Serkis as Ian Drury

Got the Bus home managed to get in the single disabled seat, so no chance anyone would bang my elbows.

I would also like to thank everyone for there kind comments yesterday it helps a lot when I am feeling sorry for myself.

Also a special thanks toToby for sending me the DVD much appreciated mate.

Lance Armstong doping allegations

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Its been a while

I haven't posted anything on here lately apart from football stuff, lately all I seem to be doing is going on Facebook and Twitter if like me your bored feel free to add or follow me but a word of warning most of the stuff on these is football related.

I have also been reading and commenting on









Me thinks I need to get to out more, but in saying that these Blogs are definitely worth a look,apologies to anyone I may have missed

I have also been watching Eurosports coverage of cycling of

Giro d'italia

Tour DE California

I am enjoying watching but it is making me twitchy to get back on my bike, which won't be for a while I know. The length of recovery time is beginning to get me down a bit. My elbows seem to be more sore in the morning when I get up, the movement is about the same, I get the occasional shooting pain like its caught somewhere but it only lasts maybe a second or two . I just want to get back cycling quickly, I have thought a couple of times about just cycling a short distance round the block,but I know deep down I could do more damage to myself, which obviously means longer to fully recover.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Friday, 14 May 2010

Busy Busy weekend

Got the FA Cup Final Saturday at Wembley Stadium
Chelsea v Portsmouth KO 3PM

Then on Sunday got the victory parade which will either be to celebrate Chelsea winning the premier league, or from my point of view hoping to celebrate doing the domestic double the first time in Chelsea's 105 History this won't be easy a lot of people think that we only have to turn up, but football isn't like that form goes out of the window,Portsmouth would like to have something to celebrate after the torrid season they have had.

After a high sometimes downs follows must read book

After last weekend's Euphoria suppose it was bound to happen these last few days have been feeling a bit down I think what started it was, thinking about Bikeathon then wondering would I be able to take part because of my arms, they seem to be taking an eternity to heal I know its only three weeks, but have been so looking forward to taking part in this ride, suppose will have to wait and see, I am really hoping that I will be OK there is another six weeks to go but will be well gutted if I can't take part.

Went into Croydon to W H Smiths to pick up The Man Who Cycled The World I purchased it online £5.59 but arranged to have it delivered to my localW H Smiths at no extra cost, I have just started reading it, I am not a big reader but it reminds of another book I read which was called Call of The Wild this book is an excellent read this another Scott who decides he wants to experience what life would be like to live in the wilds of Alaska, definitely worth looking out for.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

You ask, they answer: Sustrans | Environment |

You ask, they answer: Sustrans | Environment |

Cyclist critical after being hit by police car driving to shooting | News

Cyclist critical after being hit by police car driving to shooting | News

Family of cyclist in police car collision calls for witnesses | Environment |

Family of cyclist in police car collision calls for witnesses | Environment |

Back to normal well till the weekend

I woke up this morning knowing I had to take a trip to Tesco's Local, while I was sitting in the small room I had a passing thought, that as it is only a mile or so there and obviously the same back, maybe I could cycle there on my Mountain Bike but to be honest the more I thought about it, began to realise it would be stupid especially hitting humps and hollows which my Elbows would feel everyone of them, so I walked there and back.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Stamford Bridge here we come

I am off to Stamford Bridge today for the last game of the Premier League season Chelsea v Wigan 4pm KO
if we win today we will be crowned Premier League Champions.
Premier League Finale

Injury update even though I am going to football today my arms are still aching, occasionally it feels like it is catching somewhere and I get a shooting pain but it will take time I know have to be patient

Friday, 7 May 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

Got up about 8 today I decided today was the day to weigh myself, I set the scales ready to see how much weight I have put on since no cycling and eating loads of crap. Well I must say I was shocked my weight was

11 stone 4 Pounds or in "new money"

72.1 Kilo's
Pleasantly surprised

I had been about 11 stone a little while ago but my weight went up to 11st 7lbs but had managed to get it back down. When I left Royal Mail back in August 2007 I weighed nearly 13 Stone, but it took a blood test, scare of a threat of Diabetes to change my eating habits, but of late since the accident old habits have come back and bitten me on the Arse.

Had oats so simple for Breakfast normally have porridge but can't at the moment because you have to keep stirring it so that is a no no at the moment.

Got the bus to Croydon, went into the Barbers to have my barnet cut hooray am happy about that.

I went to meet Tammi for lunch, We both had chicken and Mushroom risotto it was lovely, we ate here the food is always nice, as some of you are aware Tammi is my eldest Daughter from a previous relationship if you haven't read the blog entry how we were reunited the link is here spent a nice couple of hours with her.

Had really good day, here is the proof that my barnet is back to normal well my normal.I think I almost look Human now maybe that is stretching a point.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

ForGoodnessShakes - Revolutionary Offer

ForGoodnessShakes - Revolutionary Offer

Worth a look

My trip to Aldi via the Polling Station and a Rant

Got up this morning just after 8, had some toast got showered and dressed ready for my trip to Aldi.

My first port of call was the Polling Station now whatever you think about politicians I am sure you have all got your own opinions, but I do believe that everyone should go and register there vote even if you only write across the ballot paper its all bollocks.

I had planned to walk from the Polling Station to Thornton Heath Pond (THP) A distance probably about two miles I guess but as I walked up the road I saw a bus so the laziness in me took over so I took the bus to THP, to catch a bus to Selsdon for my nearest branch of Aldi I purchased

Cycle Mitts,

Sports Glasses,

Ultra light Cycling Jacket

I got the bus back to THP but this time there was no laziness and I walked the two miles or so home.

I saw four different cyclist this morning who were basically kitted out well Helmet included but each one of them in there own way seemed to be taking there lives in there hands

First a man on a full suspension Mountain bike cycled straight of the pavement between a van and a car straight onto the road without a care in the world

Second a woman with ipod on cycled straight out onto a roundabout without looking

Third a woman cycled straight through a red light where there was quite a few pedestrians crossing like it is OK to do that

Fourth a man cycled straight of the pavement without appearing to look straight across to the road opposite

Now whether I noticed this because I am jealous of them on there Bikes or because I am thinking look what happened to me through no fault of my own and they got away with it cycling like idiots. Anyway rant over.

Have decided will weigh myself in the morning, now there's a scary thought

Me Kitted out don't know about the legs lol,barnet definitely needs cutting badly, look no slings but still need them though.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

FA Youth Cup Final Chelsea v Aston Villa

Chelsea win the FA Youth Cup Final 3-2 on aggregate

These Videos were shot on a Sanyo Xacti HD

Just for you Clive

Injuries Update

Am getting more movement out of my arms but yesterday my right Elbow was aching quite a lot, I think this might be because the night before spent a lot of time on computer on facebook and blog reading that will teach me. Hands are not aching as much bruise on my knee has turned yellow but has nearly gone.

Still eating to much crap am afraid that when I weigh myself I am in for a nasty shock, maybe that is the kick up the arse I need. Think I will do that one morning this week.

I am going football tonight to watch Chelsea v Aston Villa FA Youth Cup Final second Leg KO 7.45 Preview I know that Clive who is a big rugby man will be wanting a Chelsea victory even though he doesn't give a toss for football. Will be going for something to eat before the game with my wife and my mate Billy so more massive calorific intake

Thanks to KungFooSausage will be making a trip to aldi on Thursday
Aldi offers

Finally check out this awesome video on Biking The Bay

Saturday, 1 May 2010

IMB - Issue 5 - Free Online Mountain Bike Magazine

IMB - Issue 5 - Free Online Mountain Bike Magazine

Credit goes to KungFooSausage for finding this free online Mountain biking magazine Defo worth a look

Travelled to the Dark Side and ate to much

Got up early today about 8, had some toast and jam for breakfast,managed a shave but still no haircut, got showered partly dried me self, got dressed. Before my journey to the dark side.

Walked across Mitcham Common to Beddington Lane Tram stop Tramlink Tram to Morden Road, which is about a fifteen minute walk to Morden Station, where I got the Underground to Camden Town ( North London Dark Side) well it is to me born and bred in south London.

I met my sister in law there we had a walk round Camden Town for a while, but because Camden Lock is nearby it is a mecca for visitors and tourist's alike so busy busy busy.

We then decided to go for something to eat we chose STRADA I had Garlic Bread, Butternut Squash Risotto and for desert I had an oozing Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

We left the restaurant walked up to Kentish town had a look round the shops, bid farewell to my sister in law jumped on the Underground to Wimbledon where I got the Tram back to Beddington Lane another walk over mitcham Common to home.

Am hoping all the walking I did today will account for my calorific intake, at the moment eating so much crap and with no cycling am hoping my weight doesn't go through the roof, we will see.

The journey there and back was ok managed to survive withut anyone banging into my Elbows.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Kay Taking Mom To The Bungalow Tour Not

Was supposed to have been going up to Manchester today to see
Peter Kay at the MEN But due to injuries out of my control it would have been so uncomfortable to travel, it was planned to stay in an apartment in Manchester for a couple of days, then if we had got Liverpool away tickets go there Sunday. So my wife and youngest Daughter and her mate have travelled up there where they will meet up with Keir and take in the show, afterwards apart from my wife will all go out clubbing in Manchester.

I have bought a cheap Muvi clone of ebay which umfitguy does a great reviews here which I will use on me bike so if I have a run in with another motorist at least I will have video footage as evidence. Obviously won't be as good as Muvi but it will do for now

My phone contract finishes very soon I have got a Blackberry Storm Been thinking whether to get an iPhone There is a new iphone 4G supposed to be coming out in June which was reviewed on GIZMODO

But apple are not very happy that a review has come out read why here So has anyone got any ideas on what smartphone I should get please feel free to leave a comment

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Strolling just strolling

Got up this morning about 8.30 had a shower and got dressed, Went for a walk over
Mitcham Common It was very pleasant until two dogs decided to make a bee line for me the first was a aggressive little shit who no matter how much the owner called it was more interested in having a pop at me probably thought I was an easy target, I can see his Brain thinking good there's an old bloke with no arms to talk of, he will be easy I wanted to kick him right in the nuts, but I didn't for two reasons I basically like animals but more importantly I was thinking if I kicked the mutt might have lost me balance fallen over and done more damage. The second one was trying to be friendly and he was jumping up at me but was worried he might have knocked me over. I am turning into a wimp.

I enjoyed the walk must have been out for about only just over an hour, but better than just sitting around indoors.

I saw a few people out on there bikes wishing I was one of them, but alas it will be awhile yet sadly.

But on a happier note I think my injuries are getting better seem to be able to move my arms more without to much discomfort, I know I will have to be patient though.

I have posted these pics of two families of Geese especially for you Clive

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Shank's Pony

Got up this morning such a nice day I decided to walk to B&Q where I work at night, to hand in (with a bit of difficulty) lol my sick certificate and a couple of other bits. Plus need the exercise after some of the shit I have been eating the last few days. I have decided as my biking is of the agenda for a while I think I will go for a stroll weather permitting most days.

Specialized Blue Echelon Helmet Arrived today, but even if it had arrived before my accident it wouldn't have made any difference, what Brain I have got didn't suffer truth be told there aint a lot there to suffer. But from now on my new helmet is a permanent part of my cycle kit, not that I want to try it out, as far as I am concerned I hope this is my one and only accident on my bike. But you can't legislate for idiot drivers

Update on my injuries seem to be able to get some more movement out of my arms without to much discomfort, but after a while particulary my right Elbow aches a bit. Hands are still aching but that might be just bruising have to wait and see, I have one problem I need to confess about, my Barnet Fair (hair) aint been cut for over a week now, I normaly cut my own hair every week. Also got a nice bruise come up on my right Knee.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Fracture Clinic

Went to the fracture Clinic today got to say you see all human life in these places.

Consultant looked at my xrays from Thursday and said he is pretty certain I have broken my right Elbow and may have Broken my left but can't say for certain because there is another bone in the way.Told him I have some pain in my Hands so he sent me for another ray today on my Hands the results showed no breaks,that he could see but they don't sometimes show up very well.

Got to go back in five weeks, he gave me a certificate for five weeks. But my certificate says fractures to be honest I aint realy none the wiser.

The only thing I know is the pain is a bit less and can move my arms a bit more and not being so wimpish. Although my right elbow is starting to ache a bit now.

Didn't go to Football yesterday, but come hell or high water defo won't miss last home game of the season or the Cup Final. Couldn't get Liverpool away sold out before I got the chance, still gives me two weeks more before last Premier League game of the season.

Am missing going out on the bike.

Friday, 23 April 2010

What a great community

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who have sent me get well messages. Not just that but the funnies as well. As someone once said "Its good to laugh" no doubt one of you out there with more intelligence than me knows who coined this phrase, spose cud google it but can't be arsed. It means a lot to me and it has helped me so much.

This is why this community is so great everyone is here for everyone.

I want to get back fighting fit. (mite meet that driver again) So that I can get back on me bike this incident has not put me of cycling. When I get back on me bike I will be wearing a cycle Helmet. Am hoping the one I ordered will have arrived by then.

Got football Sunday Elbows permitting Chelsea v Stoke City 4pm Kick off

Keir is coming down from "up north" with a mate from uni he said on the phone to me, he wants to see if I can keep my hands down if Chelsea score LOL

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Over the handlebars you must go

Cycling into work last night an idiot in a car pulled straight out in front of me from a side turning I had nowhere to go, so pulled my brakes as hard as I could went over the handlebars and ended up on the floor. This lovely driver looked at me then drove of unfortunately I didnt get his number. I sustained a cut face but worst of all I have fractured both my elbows. No helmet still awaiting its arrival so I am very lucky indeed, hopefully when I am fit and able to ride again my helmet will have turned up. I have reported it to the police but the chance of them being able to catch this Fucking Cunt is quite slim but wih a bit of luck our paths will cross again.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To and from work

No problems cycling into work I realy attacked the only proper hill on my journey in.

I took my usual detour home via Asda's I cycled home like the wind well like a slight breeze lol it felt good, I have noticed lately that I am cycling in a much faster gear so much more than when I first got my new bike in January whether that is my fitness levels or have got more use to the bike I dont know, but in saying all that five minutes or so after I finished cycling my legs went all jelly like

Specialized Echelon Helmet when I ordered this helmet the website said limited stock but it now appears they are awaiting stock Grrrrrr. So will have to wait a little longer for my helmet to arrive

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cycle in and home no idot drivers

Cycled into work last nght first time since last year haven't needed lights on the bike the journey was I am glad to say uneventful.

Cycled home as is usual now via Asda's no problems with idiot drivers.

The only problem is that my legs ache but I think that is to be expected after my 22 miler on Sunday

My commuting bike is some eleven pounds lighter than my mountain bike

I have finaly taken the plunge and ordered a helmet Specialized Echelon Helmet tell you what I think of it after it arrives and try it out properly but not to properly

Sunday, 18 April 2010

NCR 20 Wandle Trail 22 miles Broken

Completed over 22 miles on my mountain Bike that I bought of ebay for £56, after about 7 miles I got a puncture but when I bought this bike in August 2009 I filled the inner tubes up with
Slime Tube sealant and it worked a treat done 15 mles on the tyre no problems well impressed.

Stopped for coffee and chocolate cakeMorden Hall Park The National Trust Riverside Café

Even though this route is in London it takes you through parks and by the Wandle river very picturesque in places.

Considering havent done a long ride for two weeks, because the pace was slow there was lots of people about I found it easy to complete, my legs ache a bit now but that is to be expected.

My route

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back on the bike at last

First time back on my bike today since Tuesday morning, even had me shorts on, only went to Sainsbury's and back which was a round trip of just over six miles but have been feeling lazy lately.

Plan to go out again Sunday but on my cheapo ebay mountain bike I want to go on the Wandle Trail well part of it this is NCR 20

But got the buzz back today, so as I write this am raring to go for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Back on the bike

Cycled into work last night had another run in with a motorist who just couldn't wait the impatient bastard but believe you me I called him more than that.

Cycled home this morning via Asda's with no problem motorists but my legs ached a bit but when I got home my legs were ok, no work tonight going football Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers will be back on the bike tommorrow night for last night at work for this week

Monday, 12 April 2010

Man Flu my excuse

Haven't been on the bike since last Wednesday morning Man Flu is much better now, so will be cycling into work tonight.

I have the opportunity to go on a long ride this weekend which I will take with both hands

Wont be cycling tommomorow night I am not at work going to football Chelsea v Bolton 8PM kick off

Friday, 9 April 2010

Wembley trip today

Will start today by saying I had a great time yesterday with Tammi. Tammi, George, and me went for a meal at Lemon Grass to celebrate Tammi's 39th Birthday, a fantastic time was had by all.

But I need to get back on the bike to shift some of the food I ate.

Of to WembleyFor the FA Cup Semi Final Aston Villa v Chelsea 5pm kick off today.

I know that Clive and Simon Fat Man Slim will be wanting a Chelsea win today.

Am hoping to get out on my bike sunday morning for a shortish ride as I have got work on Sunday night

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Man Flu takes it's Toll

No cycling to work wednesday night has planned just didn't feel up to it

Went to the World premiere of The Infidel last night with Keir at the Hammersmith Appollo, enjoyed this contoversial film If you haven't read about it the main charachter played by Omid Djalili spends his life being bought up as a Muslim only to find out that he is adopted and actualy is Jewish. It was good to spend time with Keir before he goes back to uni next week a good time was had by all.

Those who have read my blog on how myself and my eldest Daughter Tammi was reunited through facebook may be interested to know it is her 39th Birthday tommorow, am spending the day with her today to celebrate her Birthday. Myself Tammi and my Grandson George are going for a meal tonight.

Tommorow is another busy day got an 5pm appointment at Wembley FA Cup Semi Final Aston Villa v Chelsea
Game Preview

Am hoping to get out on my bike sunday whether it will be a 15 miler depends how my man flu is plus I am working Sunday night this week which I don't normaly