Friday, 16 July 2010

A short Cycle into Croydon and back 4.83 miles only

I took the Scott Sub 10 for a short cycle into Croydon, I needed to get some new shorts for work, also some food. The cycle in was into a strong headwind. Only met a couple of idiots one a young bloke who saw me but still carried on walking and nearly walked in front of the bike, a car driver who thought it was OK to get a bit close to me because he couldn't wait for me to get past the traffic island.

After getting my shorts I bought Lucozade energy gels energy bar and also bought Lucozade alert these are for my planned cycle on my mountain bike Sunday.

Anyway as I left Croydon it decided now was a good time to rain, as it is only a couple of miles I decided against putting my light showerproof jacket on.

Well within a mile from home a idiotic woman decided she should open her car door without looking luckily I wasn't close enough to cause me a big problem. But I did shout at her why didn't she look.

Got home without further incident accept as I got home it stopped raining and the sun came out.

No cycling Saturday as I am attending Crystal Palace v Chelsea pre season friendly 3pm KO at Selhurst Park

My total for July 150 is now 82.46 miles I am hoping by Sunday will crack the 100 mile mark.

My route to and from Croydon


  1. I got one of those Lucozade Alerts free with an order from Lucozade's website. Not tried it yet though.

    I'm really impressed with your mileage so soon after getting back on the bike. Well done mate.

  2. Thanx Toby I am really enjoying being back on my Bike mate.