Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Back on my Bike but am I turning into Joby

Well after my chat with the consultant yesterday, today was the first time on my bike since 21st April yay.

Well I set out it felt good straight from the start well that was untill I was cycling up the road and an idiot bloke walked out in front of not to close so that was ok until less than five seconds later a woman just walked straight out in front of me I pulled up sharply and that fateful night came back to me, I shouted very loudly "OI why don't you look" she jumped out of her skin.

I decided to pop into Tesco and get a bit of shopping I was queuing up when some idiot tried to push in front of me, obviously I confronted him about there being a queue, he reckoned I was agressive to right I aint standing in queue for the benefit of my health. He said no wonder I had an helmet on to which I replied "I am wearing a helmet because some cunt in car nearly killed me" Anyway my Joby moments over. Just in case you thought I meant I was turning into a fat northerner.

Anyway back to the ride I realy enjoyed my first time back on the bike got that buzz back straight away,my right elbow felt a little stiff when I got home but has eased up, I also got the old jelly legs for a couple of minutes so good to have that feeling back.

So first ride 6.75 miles so only 143.25 miles to go in Phills July 150

Route here


  1. Well done...

    Don't let the anger get you....do some more cycling and enjoy the countryside :-)

  2. Fantastic!
    Glad to hear you using naughty language at ladies :)

  3. John: Thank you, by the time I get to the countryside I will knackered mate.

    Joby: Thank you, Yeah mate Oi is welll naughty in the leafy suburbs of Mitcham lol

  4. Glad to hear you're wearing your new helmet Les.

    Are you related to the Hoffmeister bear?

  5. Yes Toby after what happened would stupid not to, I think he is a distant cousin mate lol

  6. Y'see - you use language much more than me, and I could have sworn I saw a OI C**t in there yesterday.

    Must be my imagination :)

  7. Normal service is resumed! :-)

  8. Clive: Normal service is resumed :-)

    Joby: Its just your imagination running away with you. I think maybe I should right songs lol