Wednesday, 14 July 2010

West end and back 23.28 miles

Got up about 8.30 made myself some porridge for breakfast, got myself ready left home just after 10 am. My route took me through Tooting Bec Common Clapham Common Saint James Park and various main and side roads.I got to piccadilly just after 11 am, no dramas to report except when I got to Buckingham Palace couldn't cycle up constitution hill as I planned do to the changing of the Guard.

Route to West end

I done what I needed to do then set off for home, on my journey back I saw several cyclist who thought that red traffic signals didn't apply to them, they are the sort of people that give cyclist a bad press.

I stopped in Battersea Park to eat a chocolate energy bar and have a drink. I also stopped at Waitrose to pick up a couple of bits for dinner.

Got home about 1.15 pm well that energy bar didn't really do the trick because the last three miles was hard going.

But pleased with my progress since getting back on my bike since my accident. My right arm in particular is feeling stiff while cycling and also after I get back, I think it will take time to fully heal. But am really enjoying being back on the bike. Also pleased about I used the big front ring a few times to raise my pace not something I have realy used before.

I have signed up for the London Skyride

My Route Home


  1. Poo

    Thank you and goodnight.

  2. Joby I will take that has a compliment :-)

  3. I'm really impressed with your mileage so far Les. After all that time off the bike, you've really stepped up a gear. You must be really pleased with yourself.

  4. Thanx Toby I am really pleased with myself but the July 150 has really spurred me on