Monday, 5 July 2010

Hospital Appointment injury update yay

Got up at seven this morning as I had my 9.30 appointment at the fracture clinic, had some jam on toast for breakfast, I had me shower got myself ready decided I would walk to the hospital as it is only about 2 to 3 miles. Left home 8.30 got to the fracture clinic about 9.10 absolute nightmare.

Walked in no receptionist a queue of about ten people in front of me, know one seemed to know what was going on, to make matters worst it was really hot in there. After ten minutes or so the receptionist decided to turn up, to say she was rude would be an understatement. She told everyone to go into the waiting room and she would get it all sorted. She was very rude to the Nurse she was a complete arsehole but I digress.

Anyway I managed to get a seat right next to fan because not only was I roasting but I thought I am going to be here for the duration, after waiting for about fifteen minutes the nurse calls out my name so I think result, then she says "have I had an xray today" no I replied OK she says. Five minutes later she calls me again saying I can go in now and see the consultant and he will decide if I need an xray.

Anyway after giving my arms a thorough examination he say well Mr Bear your injuries are clearing up very well, and I am to ditch the slings. He has given me a certificate for a further two weeks just for added injury time.

I asked him about cycling and my concern about potholes and uneven roads, and he said yes you can get back on your bike but just be careful so I am like a Bear in shit so happy.

So tomorrow I will be out on my bike first time since April,will only be just up the road for starters but I cant wait.

I have signed up for Phill's July 150

I would like to Finnish by congratulating Joby on his Manchester to Blackpool and back home cycle ride well done matey


  1. Fantastic news Les. Don't forget to put the bone dome on & take it easy okay. Look forward to reading some hot cycling news soon :)

  2. Cheers adrian skid lid already to go mate

  3. Whoo hooo!

    A bear in shit! Genius!

    Welcome back Mr Bear

  4. That's good news Les. You'll be challenging us all in the July 150. Should we be worried?