Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Kay Taking Mom To The Bungalow Tour Not

Was supposed to have been going up to Manchester today to see
Peter Kay at the MEN But due to injuries out of my control it would have been so uncomfortable to travel, it was planned to stay in an apartment in Manchester for a couple of days, then if we had got Liverpool away tickets go there Sunday. So my wife and youngest Daughter and her mate have travelled up there where they will meet up with Keir and take in the show, afterwards apart from my wife will all go out clubbing in Manchester.

I have bought a cheap Muvi clone of ebay which umfitguy does a great reviews here which I will use on me bike so if I have a run in with another motorist at least I will have video footage as evidence. Obviously won't be as good as Muvi but it will do for now

My phone contract finishes very soon I have got a Blackberry Storm Been thinking whether to get an iPhone There is a new iphone 4G supposed to be coming out in June which was reviewed on GIZMODO

But apple are not very happy that a review has come out read why here So has anyone got any ideas on what smartphone I should get please feel free to leave a comment

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Strolling just strolling

Got up this morning about 8.30 had a shower and got dressed, Went for a walk over
Mitcham Common It was very pleasant until two dogs decided to make a bee line for me the first was a aggressive little shit who no matter how much the owner called it was more interested in having a pop at me probably thought I was an easy target, I can see his Brain thinking good there's an old bloke with no arms to talk of, he will be easy I wanted to kick him right in the nuts, but I didn't for two reasons I basically like animals but more importantly I was thinking if I kicked the mutt might have lost me balance fallen over and done more damage. The second one was trying to be friendly and he was jumping up at me but was worried he might have knocked me over. I am turning into a wimp.

I enjoyed the walk must have been out for about only just over an hour, but better than just sitting around indoors.

I saw a few people out on there bikes wishing I was one of them, but alas it will be awhile yet sadly.

But on a happier note I think my injuries are getting better seem to be able to move my arms more without to much discomfort, I know I will have to be patient though.

I have posted these pics of two families of Geese especially for you Clive

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Shank's Pony

Got up this morning such a nice day I decided to walk to B&Q where I work at night, to hand in (with a bit of difficulty) lol my sick certificate and a couple of other bits. Plus need the exercise after some of the shit I have been eating the last few days. I have decided as my biking is of the agenda for a while I think I will go for a stroll weather permitting most days.

Specialized Blue Echelon Helmet Arrived today, but even if it had arrived before my accident it wouldn't have made any difference, what Brain I have got didn't suffer truth be told there aint a lot there to suffer. But from now on my new helmet is a permanent part of my cycle kit, not that I want to try it out, as far as I am concerned I hope this is my one and only accident on my bike. But you can't legislate for idiot drivers

Update on my injuries seem to be able to get some more movement out of my arms without to much discomfort, but after a while particulary my right Elbow aches a bit. Hands are still aching but that might be just bruising have to wait and see, I have one problem I need to confess about, my Barnet Fair (hair) aint been cut for over a week now, I normaly cut my own hair every week. Also got a nice bruise come up on my right Knee.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Fracture Clinic

Went to the fracture Clinic today got to say you see all human life in these places.

Consultant looked at my xrays from Thursday and said he is pretty certain I have broken my right Elbow and may have Broken my left but can't say for certain because there is another bone in the way.Told him I have some pain in my Hands so he sent me for another ray today on my Hands the results showed no breaks,that he could see but they don't sometimes show up very well.

Got to go back in five weeks, he gave me a certificate for five weeks. But my certificate says fractures to be honest I aint realy none the wiser.

The only thing I know is the pain is a bit less and can move my arms a bit more and not being so wimpish. Although my right elbow is starting to ache a bit now.

Didn't go to Football yesterday, but come hell or high water defo won't miss last home game of the season or the Cup Final. Couldn't get Liverpool away sold out before I got the chance, still gives me two weeks more before last Premier League game of the season.

Am missing going out on the bike.

Friday, 23 April 2010

What a great community

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who have sent me get well messages. Not just that but the funnies as well. As someone once said "Its good to laugh" no doubt one of you out there with more intelligence than me knows who coined this phrase, spose cud google it but can't be arsed. It means a lot to me and it has helped me so much.

This is why this community is so great everyone is here for everyone.

I want to get back fighting fit. (mite meet that driver again) So that I can get back on me bike this incident has not put me of cycling. When I get back on me bike I will be wearing a cycle Helmet. Am hoping the one I ordered will have arrived by then.

Got football Sunday Elbows permitting Chelsea v Stoke City 4pm Kick off

Keir is coming down from "up north" with a mate from uni he said on the phone to me, he wants to see if I can keep my hands down if Chelsea score LOL

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Over the handlebars you must go

Cycling into work last night an idiot in a car pulled straight out in front of me from a side turning I had nowhere to go, so pulled my brakes as hard as I could went over the handlebars and ended up on the floor. This lovely driver looked at me then drove of unfortunately I didnt get his number. I sustained a cut face but worst of all I have fractured both my elbows. No helmet still awaiting its arrival so I am very lucky indeed, hopefully when I am fit and able to ride again my helmet will have turned up. I have reported it to the police but the chance of them being able to catch this Fucking Cunt is quite slim but wih a bit of luck our paths will cross again.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To and from work

No problems cycling into work I realy attacked the only proper hill on my journey in.

I took my usual detour home via Asda's I cycled home like the wind well like a slight breeze lol it felt good, I have noticed lately that I am cycling in a much faster gear so much more than when I first got my new bike in January whether that is my fitness levels or have got more use to the bike I dont know, but in saying all that five minutes or so after I finished cycling my legs went all jelly like

Specialized Echelon Helmet when I ordered this helmet the website said limited stock but it now appears they are awaiting stock Grrrrrr. So will have to wait a little longer for my helmet to arrive

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cycle in and home no idot drivers

Cycled into work last nght first time since last year haven't needed lights on the bike the journey was I am glad to say uneventful.

Cycled home as is usual now via Asda's no problems with idiot drivers.

The only problem is that my legs ache but I think that is to be expected after my 22 miler on Sunday

My commuting bike is some eleven pounds lighter than my mountain bike

I have finaly taken the plunge and ordered a helmet Specialized Echelon Helmet tell you what I think of it after it arrives and try it out properly but not to properly

Sunday, 18 April 2010

NCR 20 Wandle Trail 22 miles Broken

Completed over 22 miles on my mountain Bike that I bought of ebay for £56, after about 7 miles I got a puncture but when I bought this bike in August 2009 I filled the inner tubes up with
Slime Tube sealant and it worked a treat done 15 mles on the tyre no problems well impressed.

Stopped for coffee and chocolate cakeMorden Hall Park The National Trust Riverside Café

Even though this route is in London it takes you through parks and by the Wandle river very picturesque in places.

Considering havent done a long ride for two weeks, because the pace was slow there was lots of people about I found it easy to complete, my legs ache a bit now but that is to be expected.

My route

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back on the bike at last

First time back on my bike today since Tuesday morning, even had me shorts on, only went to Sainsbury's and back which was a round trip of just over six miles but have been feeling lazy lately.

Plan to go out again Sunday but on my cheapo ebay mountain bike I want to go on the Wandle Trail well part of it this is NCR 20

But got the buzz back today, so as I write this am raring to go for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Back on the bike

Cycled into work last night had another run in with a motorist who just couldn't wait the impatient bastard but believe you me I called him more than that.

Cycled home this morning via Asda's with no problem motorists but my legs ached a bit but when I got home my legs were ok, no work tonight going football Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers will be back on the bike tommorrow night for last night at work for this week

Monday, 12 April 2010

Man Flu my excuse

Haven't been on the bike since last Wednesday morning Man Flu is much better now, so will be cycling into work tonight.

I have the opportunity to go on a long ride this weekend which I will take with both hands

Wont be cycling tommomorow night I am not at work going to football Chelsea v Bolton 8PM kick off

Friday, 9 April 2010

Wembley trip today

Will start today by saying I had a great time yesterday with Tammi. Tammi, George, and me went for a meal at Lemon Grass to celebrate Tammi's 39th Birthday, a fantastic time was had by all.

But I need to get back on the bike to shift some of the food I ate.

Of to WembleyFor the FA Cup Semi Final Aston Villa v Chelsea 5pm kick off today.

I know that Clive and Simon Fat Man Slim will be wanting a Chelsea win today.

Am hoping to get out on my bike sunday morning for a shortish ride as I have got work on Sunday night

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Man Flu takes it's Toll

No cycling to work wednesday night has planned just didn't feel up to it

Went to the World premiere of The Infidel last night with Keir at the Hammersmith Appollo, enjoyed this contoversial film If you haven't read about it the main charachter played by Omid Djalili spends his life being bought up as a Muslim only to find out that he is adopted and actualy is Jewish. It was good to spend time with Keir before he goes back to uni next week a good time was had by all.

Those who have read my blog on how myself and my eldest Daughter Tammi was reunited through facebook may be interested to know it is her 39th Birthday tommorow, am spending the day with her today to celebrate her Birthday. Myself Tammi and my Grandson George are going for a meal tonight.

Tommorow is another busy day got an 5pm appointment at Wembley FA Cup Semi Final Aston Villa v Chelsea
Game Preview

Am hoping to get out on my bike sunday whether it will be a 15 miler depends how my man flu is plus I am working Sunday night this week which I don't normaly

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Idiot Driver

when I cycled in last night I was cycling up towards the tram stop when an idiot in an old shape Astra who thought he was driving a Porsche. Came belting out of a side turning in front of me I am so glad my bike has Disc Brakes I dont think I have ever braked so hard before. I squeeled to a halt. So that was his cue to carry on like nothing had happened. I vollyed him well I think it was a he with all the abuse I could muster but it made no difference he just carried on his merry way, like its quite normal just to pull out in front of a cycle.

So apart from that the journey in was uneventful. Legs ached a bit again but still cycled up the hill.

Going home via Asda's was much less eventful, if truth be told I prefer the boring cycling with no incidents. Leg ached still tho.

I have decided that I wont put my routes up to and from work unless I do more miles than my normal journies

I will be cycling straight home from work in the morning so I intend to go full pelt to see what time I can get home in

Also I am coming down with Man Flu so may affect my speed tommorow we shall see.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Commute to and from work

The cycle in last night was uneventful except my legs ached, I didn't bottle out of the hill though.

Left work this morning cycled to Asda's to get some shopping but forgot after a Bank Holiday it don't open till eight, so cycled to Tesco express to get a few bits which meant my cycle home was a bit longer but still only 3.7 miles, I did some bursts of fast peddling, but my legs still ached again this morning.

Don't know if the adage " No pain no gain " applies, well its more of a dull ache

To work

To home

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Completed a 10 Miler Today

Went out today with the intention of maybe doing only five miles as on Friday done twelve miles but am pleased with myself completed 10.29 miles my legs ache a little, the last three miles or so I peddaled fast well fast for me never stopped till I got home caught every set of lights perfectly.

When I got home today I had baked Beans on Toast, home made Granary Bread well out of a Bread machine

Wont be doing another long cycle till next Sunday well that is the plan, will be cycling into work though for three nights this week

Route today

Saturday, 3 April 2010

No ill affects

Was up at 4 this morning no ill effects from my 12 miler yesterday considering how tired I felt for the last four miles I am surprised.

No jelly legs or aches

Got home at 9.15 tonight from Old Trafford had a great day Match Report

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Fiday Cycling in the wind and rain

Went for a cycle today when I left home it was raining quite heavy and the wind was strong at times.

I only managed 12.14 miles today realy wanted to complete 15 miles but I was struggling for the last 4 miles apart from stopping at cyclopolis to purchase a
Topeak Mini Pump I just kept going, I needed a Mini Pump in case I get a puncture on one my long jaunts, for work no so important as I can wheel my bike home I have a track pump in my shed.

Whether this is the reason I felt it today or it was the strong wind I dont realy know the reason.

But felt dissapointed not to make the 15 mile barrier but I am hoping on my next long cycle I will manage 15 miles we shall see.

My Route

No cycling tommorow as I am up at 4am to get ready to drive to Stamford Bridge and catch the coach for Chelsea's trip to Old Trafford, this game could be a title decider depending on the outcome