Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Kay Taking Mom To The Bungalow Tour Not

Was supposed to have been going up to Manchester today to see
Peter Kay at the MEN But due to injuries out of my control it would have been so uncomfortable to travel, it was planned to stay in an apartment in Manchester for a couple of days, then if we had got Liverpool away tickets go there Sunday. So my wife and youngest Daughter and her mate have travelled up there where they will meet up with Keir and take in the show, afterwards apart from my wife will all go out clubbing in Manchester.

I have bought a cheap Muvi clone of ebay which umfitguy does a great reviews here which I will use on me bike so if I have a run in with another motorist at least I will have video footage as evidence. Obviously won't be as good as Muvi but it will do for now

My phone contract finishes very soon I have got a Blackberry Storm Been thinking whether to get an iPhone There is a new iphone 4G supposed to be coming out in June which was reviewed on GIZMODO

But apple are not very happy that a review has come out read why here So has anyone got any ideas on what smartphone I should get please feel free to leave a comment


  1. You must be gutted for missing Peter Kay!

    At least the new cam should help catch twat drivers in future.

    I hate what the iphone stands for so can't recommend it. I use a Nokia E71 and am due to upgrade soon. Will probably get the N97.

  2. My IPhone is the business (work phone so I have to have it), but low battery life aside I love it.

    I know all about Apple/MS warring factions amongst the IT Geeks but as I'm a Luddite I'll go with what I know funtions!

  3. Thats pretty bloody good quality from a helmet cam. I really want to get one of those now. Just started to follow you Les, so have to say its pretty shitty reading about your accident. Hope you get better soon mate.

  4. Shame you are missing Peter Kay :(

    I recently got the Iphone 3G, and as Clive says, apart from the pretty poor battery life, it is without doubt the best phone I have EVER owned. I had a Blackberry before the iphone and it was easy to change between the two, function wise

  5. Toby, Missing Peter Kay is a bummer,I never use to like the iphone but am warming to it my younger daughter has one Keir has the palm pre coz he didn't wan't an iphone.

    Clive, TBH I think all smart phones suffer wiv poor battery life.

    KungFooSuusage, Does look good quality for a cheapo muvi clone, thanks for the following and thank u very much mate for get better soon

    Matt, Like I said before missing Peter Kay is a bummer, think I will wait and see if the 4G comes out in June the only thing bout Apple is they release stuff on iphones slowly that has bin on other phones for ages.

    But got to say Facebook is better on my Blackberry Storm than on my Daughters 3GS

  6. Les I to have the iphone cant knock it apart from somethings like cant bluetooth things from it to other phones ect battery life is poor depending on what you do.
    for a sports mapping device it seems to have a good battery life downside is you have to watch the ingress of water just like any other phone.
    thats why i bought a garmin to as i was worried i would drop the damn thing.
    If there is a 4g version coming out then the 3gs will drop in price and as they have opened it up for other providers then not a bad thing.
    Mine is for my business on o2 but you can unlock it on the o2 website for free.
    i have a nokia 96 and had sportstracker on there but battery life on that was real poo although the sports tracker was good and did real live tracking if you watch it from a webpage.
    other than that there all much of a muchness
    hope your improving les.

  7. Simon, All smartphones bat life is pants mate

    It seems everyone is giving a thumbs up to the iphone, apart from Toby which I understand, the other thing about the iphone is the choice of apps to choose from. I am on vodaphone at the mo they do the iphone now.

    Am improving mate thank you, can't wait to get back on me bike

  8. Wow, great find for that helmet cam. I'll have to grab one sometime soon! Comparing the quality on that against the Flip's, I can't fathom dropping the $200 or so more for the Flip! Hope you recover soon!