Sunday, 4 April 2010

Completed a 10 Miler Today

Went out today with the intention of maybe doing only five miles as on Friday done twelve miles but am pleased with myself completed 10.29 miles my legs ache a little, the last three miles or so I peddaled fast well fast for me never stopped till I got home caught every set of lights perfectly.

When I got home today I had baked Beans on Toast, home made Granary Bread well out of a Bread machine

Wont be doing another long cycle till next Sunday well that is the plan, will be cycling into work though for three nights this week

Route today


  1. Nice one Les. I'm aiming for 10+ miles tomorrow but I have needed the last two days off to recover from my last ride.

  2. Thanx Toby good luck with ure ride tommorow mate

  3. 1 goal kicked well and truely into touch, what's next? ;-)

    Well done Les!

  4. Thanx Clive
    15 miler mate hopefully next weekend