Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Shank's Pony

Got up this morning such a nice day I decided to walk to B&Q where I work at night, to hand in (with a bit of difficulty) lol my sick certificate and a couple of other bits. Plus need the exercise after some of the shit I have been eating the last few days. I have decided as my biking is of the agenda for a while I think I will go for a stroll weather permitting most days.

Specialized Blue Echelon Helmet Arrived today, but even if it had arrived before my accident it wouldn't have made any difference, what Brain I have got didn't suffer truth be told there aint a lot there to suffer. But from now on my new helmet is a permanent part of my cycle kit, not that I want to try it out, as far as I am concerned I hope this is my one and only accident on my bike. But you can't legislate for idiot drivers

Update on my injuries seem to be able to get some more movement out of my arms without to much discomfort, but after a while particulary my right Elbow aches a bit. Hands are still aching but that might be just bruising have to wait and see, I have one problem I need to confess about, my Barnet Fair (hair) aint been cut for over a week now, I normaly cut my own hair every week. Also got a nice bruise come up on my right Knee.


  1. Thats the stuff les dont sit about its all to easy to do that.
    Sometimes thats were i struggle and have to have the sofa surgically removed from my arse.

    Any how hope your on the mend and regarding the barnet dont do what i did last week and get a baboons arse.
    take care stay safe mate.

  2. Thanx Simon, I have to sort the barnet just the clipers without the attachments, feel like a hippy especialy no shave ethier.

    My arms seem to be getting better which is good mate