Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cycle in and home no idot drivers

Cycled into work last nght first time since last year haven't needed lights on the bike the journey was I am glad to say uneventful.

Cycled home as is usual now via Asda's no problems with idiot drivers.

The only problem is that my legs ache but I think that is to be expected after my 22 miler on Sunday

My commuting bike is some eleven pounds lighter than my mountain bike

I have finaly taken the plunge and ordered a helmet Specialized Echelon Helmet tell you what I think of it after it arrives and try it out properly but not to properly


  1. Well done lezz! Your performing better than your football team ;)

  2. Glad you bought a helmet Les. What colour did you go for?

  3. Joby, can't arue with that mate
    Toby, Will it surprise you if I say Blue mate