Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Moonwalking Bear Has Moved

The Bear has decided a change is as good as a rest so he has set up a new blog over at wordpress here is the link for the Bears new home
lezzzzzz the moonwalking Bear

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Planned Route for wednesday 18th August

I have been thinking for awhile that I wanted to cycle over to where my Sister in Law lives, which is Chalk farm North London. She lives about fourteen miles away from me. The route shown is 13.2 miles that is because it is to where she works.

I wont be leaving till 4PM which means that I will be cycling through central London during the busy times should be an experience.

I will be taking a camera to take some pictures of some of the London Landmarks particularly for Stout Biking the Bay

Monday, 16 August 2010

New Brakes Blocks on my cheap Mountain Bike

I haven't ridden much the last few days apart from a couple little shopping trips.

The last time I rode my mountain bike I realised the brakes were not doing there job properly so needed to get some new brake blocks, the trouble is I am a virgin mechanic, anyway ordered two sets of brake blocks from Chain Reaction Cycles seeing has the bike only cost me £56 I wasn't going to spend a fortune on Brake Blocks I know they are important read the one review on the site and he said basically they do what they say on the tin.

They cost me the princely sum of £4.00 for two pairs in there sale plus free p&p. RRP is £4.99 for one pair.

Anyway fitted them in about twenty minutes, but they were binding, after some lunch and a quick scour of the Internet YouTube is my best friend adjusted them, they are spot on now so well pleased. Brake Blocks

A blog I have just started reading The London Cyclist don't be put of by the name you don't have to come from London to enjoy.

August 150 27.60 Miles not good

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Last commute for eleven Days what Lube do you use

No Drama's again but I much prefer it that way.

I lubed my chain yesterday I used a Bike Hut (Halfords) Dry Lube, has anyone got any advice on what Lube to use please.

To Work

To Home

Commuting 26.26 Miles

Coommute to work and a nice surprise

No drama's to report to or from work, no getting soaked but a nice surprise I went into HR last nite at work to get a printout of my holidays got a nice surprise that I have got a weeks holiday next week, so will be able to put some miles into the August 150 but still don't think I will complete it this month but lets see what happens.

Route To work

Route To home

Commuting 21.72 miles

Monday, 9 August 2010

Commute to and from work

No drama's going to work felt a bit tired in the legs going in which is reflected in my top speed.

Coming home no drama's apart from the fact it was tipping it down so cycled home in me shorts and used my Aldi £4.99 light shower proof jacket seemed ok except I was wet everywhere else.

Although fitted my cadence sensor Saturday was working before I tightened the cable ties up, but when I went for my first ride it wasn't working, but with a little adjustment here and there it seems to be working ok.

Route To Work

Route To Home

Commuting Miles 18.38

Second Appointment at the Physiotherapy Department

I got up at 6.45 am for my 8am Physio appointment, left about 7.20 am it only takes about twenty minutes to cycle there. Gave me some extra exercises to help with the movement in my arms.

On the way back I stopped at savacentre to get some shopping.

Route to Physio

Route to Savacentre

Route to Home

August 150 21.77 miles so far

Think I might struggle to finish the August 150

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Community Shield at Wembley

Just leaving for Wembley Community Shield Chelsea v Manchester United 3pm KO

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fitted the Cadence meter for Garmin Edge 500

Today I fitted the cadence meter to my Scott Sub 10, it took me about half hour but most people could probably do it in half that time, I also fitted a mount for the 500 on my cheap mountain but because it has an angled stem so had to fit it on the handle bars.

I have been using the Garmin Edge 500 for a few days , my first impressions are that I think it is a great bit of kit. My 205 served me well never let me down, but no HR Monitor no Cadence Meter no temperature gauge.The 500 has three fully customisable screens, which can be set to display the info you want, watch the video at the end for more info.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Short cycle to Balham and back 8.59 miles

I decided to cycle to Waitrose in Balham to get a bit of shopping, also chance to try out my HR monitor on my new Garmin Edge 500, but haven't fitted the cadence meter yet. So far am very happy with the 500.

I was stopped at some red traffic signals, which was on stop for pedestrians, three cyclist were stopped including myself, it was a joy to see.

Whilst on the subject of traffic signals, stopped at some lights in Balham which have a countdown for Pedestrians. I personally think it is a very good idea, for more info check it out Here
Whilst cycling home stopped at some lights bloke on a bike decided that red traffic signals don't count if your on a bike, anyway lights changed was catching him up when he went through pedestrian lights to be fair he did look for pedestrians but still ignored the light, but with the bit between my teeth I caught up and passed him yay Hare and Tortoise comes to mind. This is probaly where my BPM hit its high point 168.

To Balham

To Home

Commuting miles so far 14.54 miles

Aug 150 total so far 12.3 miles

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last Commute of the week

I am glad to say once again no problems to report, it would appear my time for getting to and from work these days is eight minutes forty seconds, I want to try and break the eight minute barrier, it wont be easy I know but I am determined.

To Work

To Home

First commute using my Garmin Edge 500

No drama's on my commutes again I could get use to this.

Route to work

Route to Home was via Asda's for a bit of shopping

Yesterday my new Garmin Edge 500 arrived with HR Monitor and Cadence meter, have only used the 500 so far will fit the cadence meter this week sometime,if my tiny little Brain figures it out. When I go out on my next non commuter ride will use HR Monitor, has can be seen from the pictures I was previously using a Garmin Edge 205 which I won of ebay for £80.

First impressions the 500 has so much more details than the 205, but what I also like the way the 500 is mounted to the bike, no cable ties, rubber rings hold the mount in place very securely, the unit is popped in place then with a quarter turn locks in place,a much neater unit.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Commute to and from work First in August weight gain

Absolutely no drama's on my commute, my time to get to work and back is getting quicker which I am very pleased with, which I must assume my fitness is improving, but my weight has gone up, I weighed myself yesterday and I now weigh 12stone 1Pound, steps will have to be taken to put this right.

Route to work

Route to home

First very short cycle ride of the August 150 3.44 miles

Just a short cycle into Mitcham Town centre to do a bit of shopping, absolutely no drama's to report.

Route Here