Monday, 9 August 2010

Second Appointment at the Physiotherapy Department

I got up at 6.45 am for my 8am Physio appointment, left about 7.20 am it only takes about twenty minutes to cycle there. Gave me some extra exercises to help with the movement in my arms.

On the way back I stopped at savacentre to get some shopping.

Route to Physio

Route to Savacentre

Route to Home

August 150 21.77 miles so far

Think I might struggle to finish the August 150


  1. Keep it up with the #august150. You can do it!

  2. I bet you can do it too. Take a look at the Biking The Bay blog Les as Garmin do a goals thing you might find handy for this.

  3. Toby: Thanks for the encouragement much appreciated.

    Adrian: Cheers mate I aint bin on his blog for a little while will av a look