Friday, 6 August 2010

Short cycle to Balham and back 8.59 miles

I decided to cycle to Waitrose in Balham to get a bit of shopping, also chance to try out my HR monitor on my new Garmin Edge 500, but haven't fitted the cadence meter yet. So far am very happy with the 500.

I was stopped at some red traffic signals, which was on stop for pedestrians, three cyclist were stopped including myself, it was a joy to see.

Whilst on the subject of traffic signals, stopped at some lights in Balham which have a countdown for Pedestrians. I personally think it is a very good idea, for more info check it out Here
Whilst cycling home stopped at some lights bloke on a bike decided that red traffic signals don't count if your on a bike, anyway lights changed was catching him up when he went through pedestrian lights to be fair he did look for pedestrians but still ignored the light, but with the bit between my teeth I caught up and passed him yay Hare and Tortoise comes to mind. This is probaly where my BPM hit its high point 168.

To Balham

To Home

Commuting miles so far 14.54 miles

Aug 150 total so far 12.3 miles


  1. Hope you explained the error of his ways mate! :-)

  2. Just to busy panting getting past him mate jus to prove a point really that there is no need to ignore red traffic signals