Wednesday, 4 August 2010

First commute using my Garmin Edge 500

No drama's on my commutes again I could get use to this.

Route to work

Route to Home was via Asda's for a bit of shopping

Yesterday my new Garmin Edge 500 arrived with HR Monitor and Cadence meter, have only used the 500 so far will fit the cadence meter this week sometime,if my tiny little Brain figures it out. When I go out on my next non commuter ride will use HR Monitor, has can be seen from the pictures I was previously using a Garmin Edge 205 which I won of ebay for £80.

First impressions the 500 has so much more details than the 205, but what I also like the way the 500 is mounted to the bike, no cable ties, rubber rings hold the mount in place very securely, the unit is popped in place then with a quarter turn locks in place,a much neater unit.


  1. Here you are mate, cop this:

  2. Thanks Clive your a gent and a genius top man

  3. What are you doing with your 205?