Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Last commute for eleven Days what Lube do you use

No Drama's again but I much prefer it that way.

I lubed my chain yesterday I used a Bike Hut (Halfords) Dry Lube, has anyone got any advice on what Lube to use please.

To Work

To Home

Commuting 26.26 Miles


  1. I think you're supposed to use dry lube in the summer and wet lube the rest of the year. I'm currently using Shimano wet lube as I use the bike in the wet too.

    I too would like some advice.

  2. I just use engine oil and sometimes grease. High-tec shmi-tec..before wet,dry,hot,etc lubricants came along they were all one thing anyway and it really cant make that much difference.

  3. Toby: Although I didn't have time yesterday I normally degrease before I lube the chain. It would be good to get peoples opinions.

    Adrian: I think your right it probably doesn't make a great deal of difference but it would be good to hear other peoples opinions.

    John The Legend Berry come on down please help

  4. I use bike hut dry lube as well.....make sure the chain is clean before use (I remove the chain and clean it in white spirit)

    The dry lube has an ethanol carrier that allows it to flow into the chain, apply it liberally aiming between the rollers and the side plates keeping the chain turning all of the time and for a few minutes afterwards...

    leave it a minute or two then wipe the chain are not after getting the outside of the chain oiled, but are oiling the bearing surfaces...

    I do this once a week, it it rains mid week I dry the chain off and apply wet lube....again liberal in the bearings and wipe of afterwards...

  5. Thank you John very helpful mate