Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Coommute to work and a nice surprise

No drama's to report to or from work, no getting soaked but a nice surprise I went into HR last nite at work to get a printout of my holidays got a nice surprise that I have got a weeks holiday next week, so will be able to put some miles into the August 150 but still don't think I will complete it this month but lets see what happens.

Route To work

Route To home

Commuting 21.72 miles


  1. Bear,

    Ref the August 150:

    "Whether you say will, or whether you say you won't you're probably right."

    I love that saying!

  2. Its not the winning or loosing its the taking part that counts....

    Ohhhher um its not a win lose thing is it :-)

  3. Guys thank you for your words of encouragement,see where it takes me :-)