Sunday, 18 April 2010

NCR 20 Wandle Trail 22 miles Broken

Completed over 22 miles on my mountain Bike that I bought of ebay for £56, after about 7 miles I got a puncture but when I bought this bike in August 2009 I filled the inner tubes up with
Slime Tube sealant and it worked a treat done 15 mles on the tyre no problems well impressed.

Stopped for coffee and chocolate cakeMorden Hall Park The National Trust Riverside Café

Even though this route is in London it takes you through parks and by the Wandle river very picturesque in places.

Considering havent done a long ride for two weeks, because the pace was slow there was lots of people about I found it easy to complete, my legs ache a bit now but that is to be expected.

My route


  1. Good for you Dad!!!Them pics look great....glad you had a good should be proud of yourself and you must feel good for it xxx

  2. Tammi, Thank u luv and I am proud of myself feel good for it but me legs ache a little
    Lots of Love Dad xxxx

  3. That a bloody good distance Les. At least you don't have to feel guilty eating the cake after a ride like that!

  4. Lovely pics mate, just my kind of ride with the kids (but shorter with htem of course). 220 miles out of my area though!

  5. Thanx Phill TBH I didnt know these sorts of routes exsisted and were in my area.It was a nice surprise to try this route Sunday. It was a very pleasent ride on a nice sunny day mate.