Saturday, 3 April 2010

No ill affects

Was up at 4 this morning no ill effects from my 12 miler yesterday considering how tired I felt for the last four miles I am surprised.

No jelly legs or aches

Got home at 9.15 tonight from Old Trafford had a great day Match Report


  1. See mate, your body is getting used to this now!

  2. If it's not windy next time you should break the 15 mile mark.

  3. 4 oclock ,,oh my days lez
    but well done anyhow i think the more i have fixed in my head about the next goal it seems more like a marathon.
    Well done to chelsea for beating Man U.
    And absolutely fan dabi dozzie top banana for hammering the villa lol.

  4. Clive Thanx ope ure rite mate

    Toby I think the wind did play a big part well I am hoping thats why I struggled thank you mate

    Fat Man Slim 4am it has be done mate, wen I go for my longer cycles I av a goal in mind, but I go out wiv the intention of enjoying myself

    Yeah was realy good yesterday glad to make u happy bout Villa

    You will get there mate as Clive says to me small steps