Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Idiot Driver

when I cycled in last night I was cycling up towards the tram stop when an idiot in an old shape Astra who thought he was driving a Porsche. Came belting out of a side turning in front of me I am so glad my bike has Disc Brakes I dont think I have ever braked so hard before. I squeeled to a halt. So that was his cue to carry on like nothing had happened. I vollyed him well I think it was a he with all the abuse I could muster but it made no difference he just carried on his merry way, like its quite normal just to pull out in front of a cycle.

So apart from that the journey in was uneventful. Legs ached a bit again but still cycled up the hill.

Going home via Asda's was much less eventful, if truth be told I prefer the boring cycling with no incidents. Leg ached still tho.

I have decided that I wont put my routes up to and from work unless I do more miles than my normal journies

I will be cycling straight home from work in the morning so I intend to go full pelt to see what time I can get home in

Also I am coming down with Man Flu so may affect my speed tommorow we shall see.


  1. Glad the brakes worked ok mate!

  2. Do you wear any reflectives when on your bike Les?

    I know it won't stop some drivers but for the most that don't look, they should spot the bight colours.

  3. Toby, No Toby but my lights r bright mate don't it would av stopped this idiot tho mate he jus didn't give a toss

  4. It seems to me that the more dayglo ultra lighty equipment I use the more cars just aim at me. (sorry, meant "didn't see you there") I always console myself with the fact that karmas a bitch. Although, I've heard wearing pink makes you more noticeable to cars......

  5. Les - welcome to my world! Glad your brakes worked.

  6. Glad your ok Lez
    I know the feeling mate makes you feel like burning all that pent up anger and energy catching them up and well the rest is down to the imagination.

    Cycle rage ive never heard of before but it appears to be rearing its ugly head.

  7. Joby, I am glad my brakes worked mate

    FAT MAN SLIM, Thanks mate was angry mate some people jus don't give a toss