Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Fiday Cycling in the wind and rain

Went for a cycle today when I left home it was raining quite heavy and the wind was strong at times.

I only managed 12.14 miles today realy wanted to complete 15 miles but I was struggling for the last 4 miles apart from stopping at cyclopolis to purchase a
Topeak Mini Pump I just kept going, I needed a Mini Pump in case I get a puncture on one my long jaunts, for work no so important as I can wheel my bike home I have a track pump in my shed.

Whether this is the reason I felt it today or it was the strong wind I dont realy know the reason.

But felt dissapointed not to make the 15 mile barrier but I am hoping on my next long cycle I will manage 15 miles we shall see.

My Route

No cycling tommorow as I am up at 4am to get ready to drive to Stamford Bridge and catch the coach for Chelsea's trip to Old Trafford, this game could be a title decider depending on the outcome


  1. I went out in the wind and rain today and only managed 9.4 instead of the 10 miles I'd hoped for. I was shattered and there were more hills than I'd liked but I'm not totally disappointed as I enjoyed myself and took in some beautiful scenery.

    Keep your spirits up. Hopefully you'll get the right result on the football to make you feel better.

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  3. My spirits r ok Toby jus I realy thougt I wud complete 15 miles but it wasn't meant to be mate

    Looking forward to the footie

  4. Next time mate, enjoy the game.

  5. Thanx Clive

    I am hoping next time mate

    Yes Clive did enjoy the game mate