Monday, 5 April 2010

Commute to and from work

The cycle in last night was uneventful except my legs ached, I didn't bottle out of the hill though.

Left work this morning cycled to Asda's to get some shopping but forgot after a Bank Holiday it don't open till eight, so cycled to Tesco express to get a few bits which meant my cycle home was a bit longer but still only 3.7 miles, I did some bursts of fast peddling, but my legs still ached again this morning.

Don't know if the adage " No pain no gain " applies, well its more of a dull ache

To work

To home


  1. Or - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - Or - Pain is weakness leaving the body.

    Well done mate! :-)

  2. Thanx Clive I particularly like

    " Pain is weakness leaving the body "

    Next time I get aches will think of it that way matey

  3. I prefer the adage "No Pain, no pain" :o)

  4. Les, 12 years in the military and I have a whole compendium of corny cliches like that.

  5. Phill, That sounds good to me mate :-)

    Clive, Corny cliches r good mate :-)

  6. If there's no pain - your not doing it right in the first place!

  7. Joby, I must be doing something rite then mate but whether it is totaly rite coz the pain is not unbearable.
    So do you think my report shud say
    " Must try harder " mate

  8. Nice one Les. A good massage for your aching legs is what you need... and no, I'm not offering my services ;-)

  9. Thanks Toby its not an unbearable ache tho