Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Strolling just strolling

Got up this morning about 8.30 had a shower and got dressed, Went for a walk over
Mitcham Common It was very pleasant until two dogs decided to make a bee line for me the first was a aggressive little shit who no matter how much the owner called it was more interested in having a pop at me probably thought I was an easy target, I can see his Brain thinking good there's an old bloke with no arms to talk of, he will be easy I wanted to kick him right in the nuts, but I didn't for two reasons I basically like animals but more importantly I was thinking if I kicked the mutt might have lost me balance fallen over and done more damage. The second one was trying to be friendly and he was jumping up at me but was worried he might have knocked me over. I am turning into a wimp.

I enjoyed the walk must have been out for about only just over an hour, but better than just sitting around indoors.

I saw a few people out on there bikes wishing I was one of them, but alas it will be awhile yet sadly.

But on a happier note I think my injuries are getting better seem to be able to move my arms more without to much discomfort, I know I will have to be patient though.

I have posted these pics of two families of Geese especially for you Clive


  1. Cheers mate, the one on the right is pretty...

  2. Yeah Clive I had to wait a while till the pretty ones turned up lol

  3. I would have booted that dog!

  4. Risky Toby coz If I lost me balance would be in a worst state than I am now