Monday, 26 April 2010

Fracture Clinic

Went to the fracture Clinic today got to say you see all human life in these places.

Consultant looked at my xrays from Thursday and said he is pretty certain I have broken my right Elbow and may have Broken my left but can't say for certain because there is another bone in the way.Told him I have some pain in my Hands so he sent me for another ray today on my Hands the results showed no breaks,that he could see but they don't sometimes show up very well.

Got to go back in five weeks, he gave me a certificate for five weeks. But my certificate says fractures to be honest I aint realy none the wiser.

The only thing I know is the pain is a bit less and can move my arms a bit more and not being so wimpish. Although my right elbow is starting to ache a bit now.

Didn't go to Football yesterday, but come hell or high water defo won't miss last home game of the season or the Cup Final. Couldn't get Liverpool away sold out before I got the chance, still gives me two weeks more before last Premier League game of the season.

Am missing going out on the bike.


  1. Hang in there mate, you'll be back before you know it!

  2. I managed a whole week of the bike about a year ago.....I still haven't quite got over it!!!

    Don't rush it though....

  3. Hope your recovery goes quickly Les.

  4. Les youve got the fighting spirit and the desire already,
    it could have put you off all together but it hasnt
    Top man.

  5. John, No mate I know I can't rush it as much as I would love to
    Toby, Thanx mate
    Simon,Thank you I am not gonna let that idiot driver defeat me

  6. Dont push it Les, better to get 100% fit before you get back on the bike, otherwise you may cause yourself more damage and be off te wheels even longer. Here's for a speedy recovery though :)

  7. Matt, I know ure rite mate jus missing the cycling

    Thanx Matt