Thursday, 8 April 2010

Man Flu takes it's Toll

No cycling to work wednesday night has planned just didn't feel up to it

Went to the World premiere of The Infidel last night with Keir at the Hammersmith Appollo, enjoyed this contoversial film If you haven't read about it the main charachter played by Omid Djalili spends his life being bought up as a Muslim only to find out that he is adopted and actualy is Jewish. It was good to spend time with Keir before he goes back to uni next week a good time was had by all.

Those who have read my blog on how myself and my eldest Daughter Tammi was reunited through facebook may be interested to know it is her 39th Birthday tommorow, am spending the day with her today to celebrate her Birthday. Myself Tammi and my Grandson George are going for a meal tonight.

Tommorow is another busy day got an 5pm appointment at Wembley FA Cup Semi Final Aston Villa v Chelsea
Game Preview

Am hoping to get out on my bike sunday whether it will be a 15 miler depends how my man flu is plus I am working Sunday night this week which I don't normaly


  1. Am looking forward to The Infidel - my cup of tea :)

    Hope the flu clears up.

  2. Yeah good film mate

    Thanx mate but not jus flu but Man Flu which is much more severe than ordinairy flu lol

  3. I'm not a soccer fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I was born and bred in Bordesley Green. So by default I come from a family of Blue Noses.

    You lot had better hammer them wankers by shed loads!

    Enjoy the meal with your family mate!

  4. Thanx Clive will defo enjoy our meal

    Jus for u clive ope we hammer them " Wankers " must b a first 4 u cheering the other Blues mate

  5. Man flu is the worst. Take a look at this video.

    Man flu on YouTube

  6. Quality Toby ure rite Man Flu is the worst lol

  7. Watched that manflu on yutube so funny Dad lol!!!!!! :-)

  8. Clive, lol
    Tammi, Well funny vid luv lots of love Dad xxxx