Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To and from work

No problems cycling into work I realy attacked the only proper hill on my journey in.

I took my usual detour home via Asda's I cycled home like the wind well like a slight breeze lol it felt good, I have noticed lately that I am cycling in a much faster gear so much more than when I first got my new bike in January whether that is my fitness levels or have got more use to the bike I dont know, but in saying all that five minutes or so after I finished cycling my legs went all jelly like

Specialized Echelon Helmet when I ordered this helmet the website said limited stock but it now appears they are awaiting stock Grrrrrr. So will have to wait a little longer for my helmet to arrive


  1. Les im experiencing the same things one minute i feel great next a different story.
    Also im finding it easier so i think its a breaking in process and that we are getting used to it slowly but somethings definately happening to us.
    Keep up the good work mate well done!

  2. Small steps mate, small steps. The best bit of this thing is after a period of time has passed is to go on your original pedal that used to kill you and see just how easy it is. That's a fabulous way to measure progress. Which you're making in spades!

  3. Simon, I think u must b rite mate
    Clive, thanx mate