Saturday, 1 May 2010

Travelled to the Dark Side and ate to much

Got up early today about 8, had some toast and jam for breakfast,managed a shave but still no haircut, got showered partly dried me self, got dressed. Before my journey to the dark side.

Walked across Mitcham Common to Beddington Lane Tram stop Tramlink Tram to Morden Road, which is about a fifteen minute walk to Morden Station, where I got the Underground to Camden Town ( North London Dark Side) well it is to me born and bred in south London.

I met my sister in law there we had a walk round Camden Town for a while, but because Camden Lock is nearby it is a mecca for visitors and tourist's alike so busy busy busy.

We then decided to go for something to eat we chose STRADA I had Garlic Bread, Butternut Squash Risotto and for desert I had an oozing Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

We left the restaurant walked up to Kentish town had a look round the shops, bid farewell to my sister in law jumped on the Underground to Wimbledon where I got the Tram back to Beddington Lane another walk over mitcham Common to home.

Am hoping all the walking I did today will account for my calorific intake, at the moment eating so much crap and with no cycling am hoping my weight doesn't go through the roof, we will see.

The journey there and back was ok managed to survive withut anyone banging into my Elbows.


  1. Any exercise is still exercise mate so its all good mate. We went to a craft fair and I ate at all the sample stands...curry, pickles, nuts, cheeses, more cheeses, cheese with herbs, cheese with chilli, cheese with cheese, then back home where we ate a damned good soup of pureed carrot, swede & broccoli I'd prepared earlier with pieces of curried bacon. Feel really fat now!

  2. Thanx mate, so I am guessing u like cheese then nice one mate.

    Tell u wot mate that sounds realy nice, I make butternut Squash and sweet potato soup u can't beat home made soup.

  3. I like butternut squash but its pretty dear to buy it - usually £1.00 a pop in Morrisons. Sometimes Asda has it cheaper and I might roast it then with some baby spuds, tomatoes, peppers, courgette & chicken.

    When I do soup I make a huge pan of it - enough for about 7 servings so it lasts a few days. Id be interested to see your recipe for squash and sweet pots.

  4. I sometimes buy the squash from asda'a coz its already cut up its easier than trying to cut it ureself

    All I do is roast them both together till soft 30-40 mins then put in a pan with chicken stock then after 10 mins or so I use a hand blender so it comes out nice and thick it is very filling mate

  5. Shud also av said wen roasting add salt pepper and olive oil