Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trip to Croydon and thank you

Got up at eight this morning, got showered and dressed to go to Croydon, walked accross Mitcham Common then walked the way I would normally cycle to work, to catch the tram from Therapia Lane into croydon.I ate a fried Breakfast naghtyI know,bought some food, and purchased on Blu-ray sex & drugs & rock & roll starring Andy Serkis as Ian Drury

Got the Bus home managed to get in the single disabled seat, so no chance anyone would bang my elbows.

I would also like to thank everyone for there kind comments yesterday it helps a lot when I am feeling sorry for myself.

Also a special thanks toToby for sending me the DVD much appreciated mate.

Lance Armstong doping allegations


  1. Well I don't know about Lance Armstrong. Sure I know of him and what he's done in cycling, but I don't follow the news. However despite all the tests hes never given a bad sample so despite everyone saying they "know" hes taken drugs, if its unproven he should really be given the benefit of the doubt.

    Im also at a loss as to why they take female hormones. Is it to make their tackle smaller to get less wind resistance?

  2. That made me LOL mate

    There was allegations before but coz he was taking cancer drugs it wasn't proven, but if guilty then he desrves whats coming to him,
    TBH in my opinion pro cycling is rife wiv dope taking

  3. With all the doping scandles, it always disapoints me these people feel the need to cheat.

    Still, on a different note, I always thought Mitcham etc sounded kind of familer, and realised after I looked at the map a couple of mates lived and grew up in St Hellier, been there a few times myself though it was donkeys years ago

    Hope the arms / elbows are doing ok :)

  4. Yeah Matt cheats r cheats mate

    St helier is where my two youngest were born

    Elbows r doing ok although they ave there moments wen they give me gip