Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot Sunday Meal and Theatre

Sunday me the Wife and our daughter Erin met up with the wife's Sister to celebrate Erin's 24th Birthday.

We went up the west end to have a meal and go to the theatre afterwards.

Was roasting hot in London like it was in most parts. But that didn't stop some dickhead in a car trying to kill me, he was turning round and wouldn't wait for me to cross, so I gave him a volley of abuse and for once the wife didn't kick off over my very colourful language

Went to bertorelli restaurant This Italian Restaurant if I am being totally honest food was OK but I thought the service wasn't the best, would I go back there probably not but maybe that is me.

With our bellies filled of to the Savoy Theatre to see Legally Blond Erin has been wanting to go to see this for awhile, so it came has a nice surprise for her, she really enjoyed it which is all that matters,the reason I say that is musicals are not my thing, but a good day was had by all. would I recommend this hard to say if your taste is singing with American accents and some funny one liners thrown in you could enjoy it, In my opinion the first half was pretty slow and boring, the second half was much livelier and certainly not boring. You pays your money and makes your choice.

Maybe these reviews will help

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This is a LTMWB Production


  1. Sounds like a good cultural experience you had! I love musicals, Cabaret being awesome, though I doubt I have much interest in Legally Blonde!

  2. Yeah but not realy for me , the only musical I realy enjoyed was Oliver matey

  3. Were you moonwalking when he almost hit you?

  4. No I was flying through the air mate :-)