Thursday, 6 May 2010

My trip to Aldi via the Polling Station and a Rant

Got up this morning just after 8, had some toast got showered and dressed ready for my trip to Aldi.

My first port of call was the Polling Station now whatever you think about politicians I am sure you have all got your own opinions, but I do believe that everyone should go and register there vote even if you only write across the ballot paper its all bollocks.

I had planned to walk from the Polling Station to Thornton Heath Pond (THP) A distance probably about two miles I guess but as I walked up the road I saw a bus so the laziness in me took over so I took the bus to THP, to catch a bus to Selsdon for my nearest branch of Aldi I purchased

Cycle Mitts,

Sports Glasses,

Ultra light Cycling Jacket

I got the bus back to THP but this time there was no laziness and I walked the two miles or so home.

I saw four different cyclist this morning who were basically kitted out well Helmet included but each one of them in there own way seemed to be taking there lives in there hands

First a man on a full suspension Mountain bike cycled straight of the pavement between a van and a car straight onto the road without a care in the world

Second a woman with ipod on cycled straight out onto a roundabout without looking

Third a woman cycled straight through a red light where there was quite a few pedestrians crossing like it is OK to do that

Fourth a man cycled straight of the pavement without appearing to look straight across to the road opposite

Now whether I noticed this because I am jealous of them on there Bikes or because I am thinking look what happened to me through no fault of my own and they got away with it cycling like idiots. Anyway rant over.

Have decided will weigh myself in the morning, now there's a scary thought

Me Kitted out don't know about the legs lol,barnet definitely needs cutting badly, look no slings but still need them though.


  1. Those are some damn cheap prices! I wish all cyclists would follow the rules of the road. Its people like that that can infuriate drivers to be less courteous and safe around all bikers. NPR released a story about the possibility of a national network of bike trails for over here in the US. I thought it was funny they chose a chick riding outside the bike lane, on a busy street, with her headphones in and absolutely zero protection on her head or hands as their story's main picture.

  2. Looking like a cyclist Les! Only a cyclist with a mislaid bike... ;-)

  3. Stout, I listened to the interview wiv Ray Lahood it was great wen the interviewer said do you ride a bike, u cud hear the disapointment in his voice wen Ray Lahood he did at the weekend lol

    The point u make about inconsiderate cyclist I was only thinking about this myself its a bit of the the chicken and the egg obviously there is no excuse for drivers not to give cyclist room etc but there is no excuse for cyclist not to give a shit either

  4. Clive I mite look like a cyclist doesnt mean I am
    oh yes I know where my bike is its in the shed and we are missing each other so much lol

  5. Glasses are cool eh? I got a pair for me and Ben, plus other stuff, but they'd run out of the jackets by the time I got there.

    You look an awful lot like an east end actor bloke I've seen. I cant place him but he plays a lot of bad guy roles. Also a resemblance to Arthur Lowe lol. When you get your video camera working can I ask you record yourself saying "stupid boy Pike!"

    I like the hair btw. You shouldnt cut it off.

  6. Cheers Adrian I take it mean Phill Mitchell,
    the barnet as got to go mate
    Arthur Lowe coz I am fat like he was lol
    jus for u mate I will do that

  7. I was a presiding officer for the elections yesterday but I went along to Aldi today and got some cycling socks, track pump and some mitts for my 10 year old.

  8. So you worked from 7 till 10

    Good stuff mate