Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Its been a while

I haven't posted anything on here lately apart from football stuff, lately all I seem to be doing is going on Facebook and Twitter if like me your bored feel free to add or follow me but a word of warning most of the stuff on these is football related.

I have also been reading and commenting on









Me thinks I need to get to out more, but in saying that these Blogs are definitely worth a look,apologies to anyone I may have missed

I have also been watching Eurosports coverage of cycling of

Giro d'italia

Tour DE California

I am enjoying watching but it is making me twitchy to get back on my bike, which won't be for a while I know. The length of recovery time is beginning to get me down a bit. My elbows seem to be more sore in the morning when I get up, the movement is about the same, I get the occasional shooting pain like its caught somewhere but it only lasts maybe a second or two . I just want to get back cycling quickly, I have thought a couple of times about just cycling a short distance round the block,but I know deep down I could do more damage to myself, which obviously means longer to fully recover.


  1. Lez..I am really feeling for you...I must stop posting pictures of beautiful countryside!

    I really dont know what I would do if I was in your situation...

    So what is the current prognosis for recovery?

  2. Cheers John my appointment isnt till the 14th june

    It is getting to me mate and I dont cycle like you, so can only imagine how u wud feel

    I luv reading ure blog John ure an inspiration mate

  3. Awee....I have NO time to do anything else now...problem for me is I love cycling and I find the exploration a buzz... It also lets me unwind after a long day...

    I would definitely be a VERY grumpy person if I was stuck at home..

  4. Hang in there matey, the wait will be worth it. And don't under any circumstances do what I used to do when I playing rugby, that is come back too soon from injury. I'm paying for it now and no mistake!

  5. John: When I done my 22 miler the other week it was also the discovering a route I didn't know exsisted was a buzz.

    Clive:I know ure rite mate just so frustrating, but I intend not to do anything stupid

  6. Hang in there Les, it's not easy but it will be worth it. Keep swearing on our blogs and we'll keep writing our drivel to keep you busy!

    Take care, don't rush, and enjoy it when you get back out there mate!

  7. Thanx Phill I will keep the swearing up especialy on Joby's blog.

    I won't rush it , certainly will enjoy it wen I get bac in the saddle mate.

  8. It must be boring - you know, being unable to five knuckle shuffle ;)

  9. Joby mite av known u wud think of that mate lol