Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cycle Lanes

I don't know what its like in your part of the world but where I live cycle lanes are well, crap. They are full of humps hollows and pot holes found this video on YouTube of how I believe a cycle lane should be, but has the other pictures show,cycle lanes are only as good as long as motorist don't use them for parking in or driving in. Taxi Driver video is a Jobys Bike production

Check out the NYPD picture so until attitudes change from planners and inconsiderate motorist alike we have put up with it or move to Holland, read coastrider blog entry on his trip to Holland here This is how it should be


  1. LOL. Its a "ManchesterCyclist" production ;)

    Actually its a Jobys Bike production

  2. Well for u matey I av changed it to

    "Jobys Bike production"