Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Injuries Update

Am getting more movement out of my arms but yesterday my right Elbow was aching quite a lot, I think this might be because the night before spent a lot of time on computer on facebook and blog reading that will teach me. Hands are not aching as much bruise on my knee has turned yellow but has nearly gone.

Still eating to much crap am afraid that when I weigh myself I am in for a nasty shock, maybe that is the kick up the arse I need. Think I will do that one morning this week.

I am going football tonight to watch Chelsea v Aston Villa FA Youth Cup Final second Leg KO 7.45 Preview I know that Clive who is a big rugby man will be wanting a Chelsea victory even though he doesn't give a toss for football. Will be going for something to eat before the game with my wife and my mate Billy so more massive calorific intake

Thanks to KungFooSausage will be making a trip to aldi on Thursday
Aldi offers

Finally check out this awesome video on Biking The Bay


  1. Blimey I really feel for you mate. Must be painful both in yourself and also in not being able to do stuff like normal. Makes you think, but then again even with a helmet you'd have been no better off.

    Best of luck with the weigh in, although you can put it all down to the accident so dont feel bad whatever tonnage you come in at :)

  2. Hope the pain subsides soon for you mate. I must be awkward sleeping?

    I saw the Aldi cycling offers the other day. They're similar to the stuff Lidl had a few weeks back. Definitely worth a nosey.

  3. Adrian, TBH mate two broken Elbows is better than the obvious could av bin so much worse am missing cycling a lot.

    Toby, Thanx mate the pain as not bin to bad today, I go to bed late so the sleeping aint to bad either.