Friday, 7 May 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

Got up about 8 today I decided today was the day to weigh myself, I set the scales ready to see how much weight I have put on since no cycling and eating loads of crap. Well I must say I was shocked my weight was

11 stone 4 Pounds or in "new money"

72.1 Kilo's
Pleasantly surprised

I had been about 11 stone a little while ago but my weight went up to 11st 7lbs but had managed to get it back down. When I left Royal Mail back in August 2007 I weighed nearly 13 Stone, but it took a blood test, scare of a threat of Diabetes to change my eating habits, but of late since the accident old habits have come back and bitten me on the Arse.

Had oats so simple for Breakfast normally have porridge but can't at the moment because you have to keep stirring it so that is a no no at the moment.

Got the bus to Croydon, went into the Barbers to have my barnet cut hooray am happy about that.

I went to meet Tammi for lunch, We both had chicken and Mushroom risotto it was lovely, we ate here the food is always nice, as some of you are aware Tammi is my eldest Daughter from a previous relationship if you haven't read the blog entry how we were reunited the link is here spent a nice couple of hours with her.

Had really good day, here is the proof that my barnet is back to normal well my normal.I think I almost look Human now maybe that is stretching a point.


  1. Firstly great news on the weight. Not so great news on the hair...poor barnet lol.

    I just read your post about reuniting with your daughter and her family. What can I say except thats a really heart warming story, and even better than just getting in touch was the fact that you all get along so well. Its really made my day to read that.

  2. Adrian thank you for your realy nice comment about me and Tammi reuniting it has been a fantastic 18 months :-)

    Sorry, the barnet is good in my book :-)

    Pleased about me weight :-)