Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Planned Route for wednesday 14th July

Clean and lubed the chain on my Scott Sub 10 for tomorrow,looking forward to my cycle.

This is my planned route for tomorrow, I haven't cycled in the west end before so could be very interesting. I don't know if I will stick rigidly to this route, only time will tell.

So could be another twenty odd miles off my July 150

First time I have used mapmyride will definitely use again for route planning


  1. Not too far from the end myself - over in Beckenham (head due east from your finish point) for my Aunts funeral service tomorrow morning. I'll try not to run you over mate :)

  2. Thanks Adrian, hope all goes well 2moz for you and your family mate

  3. Looking well back now mate! :-)

  4. Oooh please take pictures! Also check out ridewithgps if you are looking at mapping. I like the less cluttered interface that offers.

  5. Sorry Stout didnt take my camera but I will do next time

    I will check out ridewithgps thanks for the heads up on this mate