Thursday, 8 July 2010

No Bike ride today :'( :'(

I had intended to go for another little jaunt on my bike today but my right Elbow is aching a little, so thought it was wiser to stay of the bike for today, hopefully I will back up and running tomorrow.

As I needed to go into Croydon to get my glasses repaired I decided for the exercise I would walk to and from Croydon a distance of five miles in total, but I probably covered between seven and eight miles with the walking around Croydon.

Went into Evans Cycles I bought an inner tube for my Mountain Bike, I want to fit it to the rear so I can go out on my mountain bike at the weekend, Elbows permitting. Also made an enquiry about the FREE Maintenance Training Course This looks a good deal after the course you are given a free goodies bag

A Card From My Friend Scott Sub 10


  1. Hey thats a good idea. Even if most of the course is stuff you already know, theres bound to be something you dont or hadnt thought of. I just looked and Reading do the same on Thursdays so Im goign to ask about it at the weekend.

  2. Nearest Evans in 30 miles from me. I could possibly join you in Croydon?

  3. Adrian: Yeah I think its a cracking deal

    Toby: That would be a good mate