Monday, 26 July 2010

My Trip to the Physiotheraphy department St Georges Hospital

Got up at 8am got myself ready, left home 8.45 got to St Georges Hospital at 9.15, there was plenty of bike parking. My slot was between 10-11am. I was shown several exercises given a printout of exercises I need to do, have a return appointment in two weeks time. The Physiotherapist said she could tell by my movement there is still a lot of stiffness in my arms and shoulders. Left the hospital by 10.30. Very impressed with the service I received.

Route to the Hospital Here 3.04 miles

Cycled home via Sainsbury's Savacentre to get some shopping

Route home Here 3.77 miles

July 150 Total 139.70 Leisure miles


  1. I think someone's playing a joke on you. They've nicked your saddle and put one on from the 1930's ;-)

  2. Nice saddle mate, ignore her above me... ;-)

  3. Toby: cheers mate lol :-)

    Clive: Glad you like my saddle know one has ever told me that before :-)

  4. I think your arse would look great either side of that piece of leather - in a purely manly way of course!

    Mind you thats a heck of a padlock you have there. Do you carry a cable drum to wrap it around?

  5. Thanx for compliment Adrian well I think it was lol, I only take the cable to go through my Krypton lock if I don't know how long I am gonna be