Friday, 30 July 2010

July 150 challenge Beaten 12.75 miles today

Went for a short ride today, wasn't without incidents, first was a woman on a bike I won't call her a cyclist. I was cycling across a major junction lights were in my favour, when this stupid woman decided it perfectly acceptable to ignore a red traffic signal, so I had a go at her for ignoring the red lights, so she sarcastically said " just because your a professional cyclist " to which I replied "no I am not a professional cyclist but I know what a fucking light looks like and it cunts like you that give cyclist a bad name".

Next incident seemed like Deja vu as I was cycling towards Tooting a woman in a side road started to pull as I got within 5 feet of her. I hit my brakes hard, my back wheel skidded but that was all never came off, the noise of my tyres made her stop in time I didn't say anything except I gave her daggers.

My Route Here

July 150 152.45 miles

I won a Columbia HTC shirt off ebay from Hongkong £16,99 free p&p arrived today, eleven days it took to get here. And no I wasn't wearing it when I had the argument with the woman, was at home when I got back.

Link to the seller here He sells all sorts of cycling team shirts he does shorts as well definitely worth a look.