Friday, 9 July 2010

16 Miles on the bike to the home of The Champions and back

I decided that I would go for a little ride today I left home about 12.30 I got back at 3.45 but I did stop a couple of times, was very pleased and surprised when I got back and found out that I had cycled 16.40 miles. My arms are aching but I suppose that is to be expected.

As can be seen in the pictures unlike Tot*****m I didn't park the bus but I did park the Bike.

I did have a run in with a lorry that decided to turn across in front of me, I gave him a mouth full of abuse, his mates where he was delivering to shouted back abuse, so I gave them as good as I got. But decided to carry on with my journey specialy as there was five or six of them.

Don't forget the Bear video at the end

My Route here

This has been a LTMWB Production


  1. Thanx Carrie but paying the price now my arms are aching

  2. Good going Les. You're mileage is going from strength to strength.

  3. Thanks Toby am hoping put some in 2moz on my mountain bike.