Monday, 22 March 2010

Mon 22nd March

Got home last night from Blackburn at about 11.45 pm but had to be up early to give my missus a lift into work, traffic was horrendous I was envious of all the cyclist avoiding the traffic

My arse and legs did not suffer any ill affects yesterday after my 10 miler on Saturday

Back to work tonight so will cycle in but it is only just under 2 miles, Am looking forward to the little commute in tonight and tackle the one big hill perhaps my legs might feel it then , when I finish in the morning will cycle to Asda's to get a bit of shopping which will add some more distance but not a lot.

Friday will see me drive to Salford to pick my Son Keir up for his easter break from Uni, will be good to have in back for three weeks, me thinks the fridge will take a bashing lol


  1. The fridge and the washing machine!

  2. Fair point Phill he was home last weekend from Friday for a few days took him till Tuesday to use the washing machine even tho he was going bac early wed

    Think his priority is food rather than using the washing machine mate

  3. You will be lucky if it is only the fridge and washing machine, probably be easier to list the things that have not taken a bashing in 3 three weeks time

  4. Old wind man me thinks ure spot on matey

  5. Glad you had no aches or pains after your 10 miler.

  6. cheers Toby that hill mite b interesting tonight tho