Monday, 29 March 2010

Mon March 29th

Got work tonight come home via asda's in the morning add a bit of mileage to my commute

I am planning my next longish cycle, a round trip of approx 15 miles I am hoping next Sunday to cycle to the Royal Hospital Chelsea this is where I will do my London Bikeathon 2010 from

This is all dependant how knackered I am after my trip to Old Trafford next Saturday

I would like to thank everyone for there words of encouragement it keeps me trying to cycle a bit further each time thank you one and all

I would also like to also congtatulate Joby and James on completing the 100 mile Verenti Cheshire Cat well done boys you done Brilliant


  1. Gowan there lad. I promise, each ride will get a little longer. But its not always about the distance. 10 miles full pelt would kill me :)

  2. Baby steps man, baby steps, it's all about progress. The Bikeathon will be a brilliant day.

    I hope you don't enjoy your Old Trafford trip though ;o)

  3. notthewowy, thank u 10 miles at full pelt wud kill me as well

    Phill, Thank u mate I intend to do it in small steps

    I intend to enjoy my trip to Old Trafford thanx for wishing Chelsea luck mate lol