Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sat 27th March Horrendous Journey

I left home for sunny Salford at 2PM, had planned to me Joby for a quick drink in Moon Under Water
and to say " Hello "

But once I got past Birmingham the traffic was horrendous there was a couple of accidents I eventualy arrived in sunny Salford at 7.45PM in hindsight being a Friday I should have left earlier so appoligies to Joby

But maybe when I pick Keir up in June


We could all meet up for a couple of drinks

Set out on the journey home at 8PM traffic was fairly light but it was raining heavy at times eventualy getting home at 1.45AM my neck was stiff back was aching but not surprising if you consider was driving for nearly 12 hours

Got Football today

Chelsea v Aston Villa 3PM KO

No cycling today but planning a ride Sunday hoping to cycle a bit further than my 10 miler last weekend but not a lot more need to build up gradualy

Would like to finnish by wishing Joby and James the very best of luck on sunday in the Verenti Cheshire Cat 2010 check out my post from Friday for more details


  1. Traffic can be a real bummer sometimes.

    Hope the football result is good for you today.

    Enjoy your ride tomorrow.

    I'd like to wish Joby and James good luck for their ride too.

  2. Sounds good, send us the date you're coming up and let's try and sort something out. Glad you escaped Salford with your car intact ;)

  3. Toby, thanx mate

    Phill, Will let u know when my son has sorted his dates out, yeah was good get my car out in one piece