Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thurs 25th March

Cycled home today in the quickest time acheived thus far beat my previous best by six seconds

This is my normal route home here

Got Doctors tomorrow see what she has to say bout my blood test results

I plan to go for a quick cycle after the Doctors but that will depend how I feel bout the results of the of the blood test

Me and Toby are planning to take part in the London to Brighton cycle ride in 2011 so we both have that as a goal to get fit my plan is to raise money for the alzheimer's society


  1. Hi Les. Just thought I'd point out that the London to Brighton bike ride is organised by the British Heart Foundation as as such they expect you to raise money for them. Nothing stopping you raising for another cause though.

  2. I didnt realise that but as u say can do both thanx for the info Toby