Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tues 23rd March

I cycled to work last night it is only a distance off 1.79 miles but there is one steepish hill and I felt it my legs ached, this probaly is the after affects of me 10 miler saturday.

Left work this morning cycled home via Asda's which meant I cycled 3.19 miles home and my legs were like jelly this is a relatively flat route.

I got go to the Doctors on friday 9am and get the result of my blood test, then set out bout lunch time to drive to Salford and pick Keir up.

I plan a cycle on sunday hoping to get more than 10 miles under my belt, well that is the plan.

Route to Work

Route to Asda's

Route to Home


  1. Up our neck of the woods friday?

    What time you arriving into Salford?

  2. Jelly legs. I know that feeling well.

  3. Don't go commuting with Joby FFS Les!

  4. Lol no Clive the only commuting I will be doing Friday will be in me car mate

  5. I'll be out on the razz from 5pm ;)

    Giz a shout if you want a quick scoop