Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wed 24th March

I cycled home via Asda's again today I think I must be burning more calories than garmin states after I have bin shopping coz it dont take into count the extra weight of me shopping and my Kryptonie New York Lock Which I carry in my backpack dont like it mounted on my bike plus dont think I have room now since I fitted my water bottle holder for my longer planned rides

I cyled home via the Doctors to see if they have got somewhere to lock my bike up even tho it is only 5 Minutes down the road from my house I might go for a quick ride after, wont be be for long tho, coz of picking Keir up, well that is the plan but it depends on what the Doc says bout my blood test results if not good might not feel like cycling

Route home from work here

I also av one of these for added security Kryptonite KryptoFlex 7 Foot Cable Bike Lock


  1. I've got a Kryptonite Evolution Mini LS and I can't mount it to my bike as it's too big to fit in the frame gap so I have to carry it in my bag.

  2. Yeah they r very good locks but very heavy, but a small price to pay knowing that ure bike will still be there when u get back well unless a thief as got an angle grinder, but deters opportunistic theifs