Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sun 7th March

Off to the Bridge today for FA Cup quarter Final match

Chelsea v Stoke City

Kick Off 4pm

2 Chelsea v Stoke City 0

Lampard 35 Terry 67

Wasnt a great game but to be honest Stoke didnt realy pose a threat even Delap's long throws didnt cause Chelsea many problems job done

Wembley here we come Aston Villa in the semi-final


  1. Doesn't Ibrahimovic have a longish throw too?

    I didn't see the game, I was chillin on t'couch, but saw the Terry naked arm kiss kiss bit ;)

  2. Dont know bout that but I am going 2 surprise u he has got a bit more money than me no sorry make that fucking loads more than me

  3. LOL. Really? Well blow my trumpet - I never knew that ;)